Monday, February 24, 2014


So one of my favorite artists Bryan Hitch has released more info and art about his new series, Real Heroes. It's about these big movie actors--think Chris Evans or Christian Bale--who play superheroes on screen--think Captain America or Batman--who suddenly find themselves with the powers they portray on screen and must save the world. Hitch described it as Avengers Meets Galaxy Quest!!!

From here!

Also, NBC has decided to bring back the TV show Heroes. Now, the first season rocked--it was ground breaking, it was just well-written. The second season was interrupted by the writer's strike, and then it seemed that NBC kept on firing writers and producers and so the quality went WAY downhill. By the last season it was unwatchable and they wisely cancelled it. So I hope the new miniseries for 2015 will take these things into consideration and keep the quality season one-worthy!!!

EDIT: I almost forgot--I will have a Robocop review up soon--I literally drove through a blizzard on the way home from seeing this flick. I am working on another article for on my favorite Avengers posters, and for this site, I'm working on my top 10 favorite movies of all time. Also, I downloaded "Hooked on a Feeling" from iTunes thanks to the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer....

And is Captain America coming out tomorrow yet?

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  1. Very very very cool! Send me your article when it's up...

    When is it coming out, btw? I literally was going to text you to ask.