Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What I'm Thinking Tuesday--Schmorgasborg edition

There may be spoilers contain within...be warned!

1. The new X-Men Days of Future Past viral marketing campaign. It says that Magneto -- Erik Lensherr--killed President Kennedy by altering the trajectory of Lee Harvey Oswald's bullet. He was put on trial and sentenced. Between then and the current X-Men movies, he escapes. Pretty cool...


2. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor. I actually missed the first viewing of this, the live simulcast because I was at work, but I saw the whole thing when I got home that night. Too many damn commercials would be my first gripe, it took you right out of the Who headspace. Rose wasn't Rose--she was a sentient computer program who took the Bad Wolf form. And as you know, Rose kinda grew on me throughout the Doctor Who years. Three Doctors, messing with the Time Lord's personal history, acting as a reverse "Christmas Carol." Great cameos, especially Tom Baker at the end, didn't expect that. And the new doctor, Peter Capaldi makes a quick appearance as well.
This is a cool article:


3. Saw Thor: The Dark World. It was amazing. I honestly don't know where to start. Great action, Loki's back and possibly treacherous as ever--he flip flops. Plus a scene with Loki and Thor that you never saw coming. And the death of somebody who didn't play a big role in the last movie, but you somehow really felt their death--Renee Russo as Frigga--Thor's mom. I always like seeing Kat Dennings--although her character was somewhat...used too much. She wore too much clothing (ha! see what I did there cuz she's stacked) but had some great lines, including the return of "Meow-Meow," AKA Thor's hammer. Her "intern" was good for some comic relief and an unexpected hero turn. Eric is back as the worldly science professor after the Avengers. But as he said, he "had a god in his head" and it drove him a little crazy, but funny. Natalie Portman was good in her usual boring way, nothing really to report there. Another great MCU movie, with the exception of the after-credit scene 1--a preview of the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. After credits scene 2 was short but did what we wanted it to do.

Also saw Carrie--you knew what was going to happen but couldn't look away. Chloe Grace Moretz is really good in it, as is her mother, a religious nutbag who apparently makes up parts in the Bible. The girl who plays Chris was really really mean in a homicidal Mean Girls kinda way. Her boyfriend was played by Chronicle's Matt, so that was cool. I want to read the book now. Escape Plan is the new flick from Stallone and Shwarzenegger, it was pretty good but came about twenty years too late--it should have been made in the '80's during these two actors' prime. Stallone seemingly has NO chemistry with anybody in the flick (including the actress who plays someone who may or may not be his love interest) except Schwarzenegger in a Kaiser Soze-like role.

4. I got another article published on Shieldtv.net about Thor and Agents of SHIELD. You should read it now!!!


5. Right in the middle of my 2nd annual Whedon Universe Ornament swap. And it's almost time to gorge on Turkey and Football....

6. Oh, and I was thinking of the new Netflix Marvel Universe projects--guess I'll have to get Neflix...but they should have 50 Cent play Luke Cage--can you see him pounding on his cell walls with his bare hands and have the wall start to move? And X-Men's Ray Park (Toad and Darth Maul) play martial arts expert Iron Fist...

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Now that's what I'm freakin' talking about!!!!

Also, you should watch Agents of SHIELD.

Saw Thor, Carrie and Break-Out. Reviews soon. These movies were awesome!!