Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What I'm Thinking Tuesday--Almost Vacation Time Edition

Okay, so, like, in two more weeks.

1. Movies! In an unprecedented move, I saw two movies in the same day at the theater with a buddy of mine. $5 Tuesdays, bitches. Cost more to see one movie on a day other than Tuesday.

Kick-Ass 2: Now I was never a huge fan of the Kick-Ass comics, I felt they were ridiculously violent and over the top. But, Mark Millar writes great comics! This movie, in my opinion, was more of a vehicle for Chloe Grace Moretz who plays Hit-Girl. She owned every scene she was in, opposite either thugs, supervillians or High School Mean Girls. She's gonna be a big star, and you saw that she's even promoting her new movie, Carrie during a few scenes. Hit-Girl is the real deal bad ass and she owns the movie. Dave (AKA Kick-Ass) is much less annoying this time with his squeaky voice, but the one thing you really notice is that he is ridiculously ripped. Cut to shreds, as my bodybuilding roommates once said. The real over the top performance comes from McLovin' AKA Chris, AKA THE MOTHERFUCKER. Yeah, that's his supervillian name. In the comic, he was even more violent and brutal than he is in the flick. In the comic, he rapes, big violence, etc. In the flick though, it's tempered with comedy and the inherent patheticness of his character. Jim Carrey was great, despite shitting all over the movie in the press. The prosthetics on his face made him become the character. The supporting superheroes and villians were great too, more there to show ordinary people wearing costumes and masks. All in all, great comedic moments that went well with the violence.

Elysium: The new Matt Damon science fiction movie. Directed by the same guy who did District 9, he takes this flick to a whole new level. The poor live on earth, day to day, in overcrowded scenes, impersonal robots, dirt poor. They speak Spanish and have a shit-ton of tattoos. The rich live on Elysium, a space station in space over Earth, speak French and live great (In one scene, one of them had "riche" branded on his face, a great detail). The rich are truly separated from the rest of the population, which I'm sure is the point of the movie and his ideas on the 1%'ers. The main idea is that the rich can cure all diseases and ailments by getting into this pod that heals you, provided you are a citizen of Elysium. Matt Damon's character was orphaned and turned to crime, but is now working a legit job making robots and trying to make ends meet legitimately. However, he gets bombarded by radiation and has days to live. Also thrown in there is his childhood friend who is now a nurse and a mother to a sick daughter (they don't say who the father is, but I think it's Matt Damon's character). There's also Jodie Foster as a corrupt Elysium official, and the awesome Sharlto Copley as her enforcer on earth. Copley was in District 9 and the A-Team and becomes a better actor everytime you see him, but his character here was kind of a mystery. He's just a cyborg psycho (with a great ship and weaponry) but you have no idea why he's doing what he's doing and why. Also he rocks the South African accent. Great flick, sci-fi action with a present feel to it, in both scenery, story and the whole rich people living separate.

2. And I've had this song stuck in my head for about a week now.....

3. Picked up the new Chew Volume 7. I love this series about a Cibopathic (he can take a bite of food or people or anything else and get a psychic imprint from it) going after a massive FDA conspiracy, other food-based powers, and two other Cibopaths.

4. I've been reading some great books lately. American Eve, about Evelyn Nesbitt, who was a supermodel in the 1900's. She became caught up between two powerful men, possibly psychotic and predatory, and in my opinion, in her life, she didn't stand a chance. Also go read Ready Player One, it's about videogame and '80's culture, and it stands as one of my new favorite books.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nova Corp Walkman

So I was surfing around tonight and came across this image: A Nova Corpsman helmet and weapons from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. At first I didn't think too much of this, but then I saw it....

That's an old-school Sony Walkman!!!! Why? Not only is it space but it's still the 21st century. Maybe one of the Corpsman was abducted by them during the '80's or one of them has a unique interest in outdated technology. Still very interesting....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


So my previous Agent Coulson post took my creativity for a little bit (until I decide to finish tweaking it).

Just saw two movies today: Kick-Ass 2 and Elysium. Post soon with movie reviews.....

Monday, August 19, 2013

I wuz bored....

So I got to thinking that the Hot Toys Agent Coulson needs more accessories than some Captain America trading cards and a big gun. So, I was bored and created this in Photoshop. It's Professor Charles Xavier's thesis in the CIA during Days of Future Past....

Monday, August 12, 2013

Rocket Racoon?

So another Marvel movie is going to be Guardians of the Galaxy. Like any movie goer, I'm somewhat apprehensive yet excited about this movie. Growing up a  comics fan, I of course heard of them, but during their crappy '90's phase. This is the movie that Amy Pond had to shave her head for--a bald chick does nothing for me, she's a FORMER redhead now unless she wears a wig all the time. My sexual organ have retracted back into my body when I think of her shaving her head.

But I digress. One of the bitchin' main characters in this flick will be Rocket Racoon. I somewhat remember him from an old comic I read in the '80's while my mom was getting her hair done in the local beauty salon. In the movie, he's supposed to be bitter and angry because aliens kidnapped him from earth and experimented on him, giving him a voice, intelligence, cybernetics, the ability to fire a gun, etc. Here's the first real "live" image I've seen of him (from the leaked trailer)

So know they have to figure out who is going to voice him....the first rumor I heard was Doctor Who's David Tennant:

The next person I thought of was Breckin Meyer as Boba Fett in Robot Chicken....

Then I heard about MC Chris being recommended...

Damn that was fun.  Okay one more...Sawyer from my favorite show Lost. He used to be bitter and angry but grew to be a hero...

Monday, August 5, 2013

What I'm Thinking Tuesday Speshul Edition

So, Mike, what are you thinking?

1. Movies. Been seeing quite a bit of movies and have been to lazy to post any  reviews to my blog. Not really sure why, just haven't felt like it. Oh, and spoilers, people.

Man of Steel: There's a reason why it's called Man of Steel and not Superman. They only call HIM Superman maybe twice in the movie, and I think it was the same scene. Let's face it, Superman is a pretty cheesy name for a 21st Century superhero, why not Captain Awesome? Now I know that all Supermen pretty much look the same, but the kid who played young Clark looks like he could be Smallville's Clark Kent's younger brother--great casting. And I love how Clark just kinda traveled the world after leaving Smallville, trying to find himself and where he comes from. Kevin Costner did a great job as Johnathan Kent, Russell Crow was okay as his biological father, but kinda phoned it in in my opinion. Amy Adams as Lois Lane wasn't as annoying as I thought, and I really loved the idea she figured out Clark's identity all by herself, kept it a secret and the two of them were on a first name basis during private moments. The action was great, I've always been a huge fan of Zack Snyder--yes, I loved Sucker Punch and Watchmen. There was the controversial ending that really brought me out of the movie but it was necessary. Up until that point, the filmakers were really trying to say that we all love Superman, that he's good for good's sake, that's he's a legend and that we're seeing him as he's supposed to be seen (sorry Brandon Routh, you did a great job in Scott Pilgrim, though). Then, he kills Zod by super-breaking his super-neck. In Supe's defense though, Zod was trying to kill people and he wouldn't have stopped. Ever. He's just as Super as Clark. Maybe in a few years when Clark has some more world-saving under his belt, but he just became Superman only a few hours before hand...right?

Lone Ranger: Some people called this a flop. It was supposed to be the big summer blockbuster, very Pirates of the Caribbean. I felt it was good movie but WAY too long. Some good parts: Johnny Depp was ON POINT. Despite being a white dude playing a Native American, he played the part well and with dignity and humor--especially the 1920's scenes. Being Johnny Depp, he played the character with Jack Sparrow-like eccentricities, like feeding the dead bird on his head or trading valuable items for bird seed and sand. He had a ton of facepaint on to disguise his face and skin color---that's the one thing I'm sick of Depp doing--hiding under makeup and becoming the character completely. Not that that's a bad thing, but he does it in every single movie nowadays. Another great part--an entire action scene with the "Lone Ranger" theme music playing throughout (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4YfkEtHJoM). Awesome. Like I was a little kid again playing with my Lone Ranger action figure my parents got me cuz I was being good--or just to keep me occupied at some fancy restaurant. Whatever. One of the big problems I had was that they tried to make EVERY action scene HUGE. Like Pirates of the Caribbean huge. So, take out a big chunk of unnecessary parts to make it shorter and it would have been a smash. I still liked it though.

Pacific Rim: Wow, surprise hit of my summer. Although it is about giant robots battling monsters. Basically, giant monsters (called Kaiju--the japanese word for monster) have been attacking humanity and causing massive damage, so the humans come up with Jaegars (German word for Hunter--brilliant use of tying foreign words together into a coherent culture) to fight them. These Jaegers take two pilots--joined together in some crazy brain psychic dealy, they're usually brothers or related family. Ron Perlman even makes a guest role. This flick is pure Guillermo Del Toro--and I loved Blade 2 and Hellboy. Crazy action sequences and fighting with monsters and robots, there's one scene where you literally are holding your breath. One scene that stood out from all the fighting is a flashback/real time (the two characters are in psychic mechanical link) scene where a little japanese girl is the only human left alive in a devasted city and you could feel her pain and fright. Idiris Elba has a presence in the movie that you can feel even in the movie theater. Dude's awesome in everything. His speech at the end isn't Independence Day-worthy, but it was still pretty good. What I don't understand is if they humans on this steampunk military base (great design by the way) barely have bread, how does Elba have perfectly tailored and pressed suits? I would love to see this again when it comes out on DVD. MORE EDIT: Almost forgot to mention the beginning of the flick, where you see the development of the Kaiju/Jaegar culture, the aftermaths of the battles--love the Kaiju laid out on the aircraft carrier, the fact that the Jaegar pilots are basically superheroes--all Top Gun to the nth degree.

Men in Black 3: Sucked.

Looper: Crazy movie with time-travel craziness. Gordon Joseph Levitt plays a young Bruce Willis who kills people sent back in time illegally by the mob--no body no criminal case. There's one scene where Levitt became Bruce Willis--the tone, body language, just the way he handled himself. And while you knew he was supposed to be a young Bruce Willis, just that one scene did it for me. And it was a perfect Bruce Willis movie moment without Bruce Willis. While the plot line is way too complicated to be explained here, I will give one more point in this flick that I dug. The little kid was great--he's going to be a huge star (I hope) when he gets older.

Wolverine: Wow, I don't even know where to start. Hugh Jackman is perfect as Logan as usual--every time I see that guy when he takes his shirt off, I feel I should not have had that burrito for lunch. The most important part of the movie is at the end, where they had a cut scene for the new X-Men movie, Days of Future Past. Anyway, this flick takes place in Japan with some familiar comic characters, also a place that Wolverine is familiar with. The bad guys had to take Wolverine down a peg by temporarily robbing him of his healing ability making him deadly but vulnerable. There's a lot to this movie, that I'm still thinking about it. Lots of new mutants and new characters but not so much that you're confused. I may have to get back to you on this--but it was lots of fun with a familiar character of Wolverine....

2. I'm pondering the Quicksilver wars, where both Bryan Singer and Joss Whedon are using the mutant Quicksilver but using different actors. I think I'll write an article on this and try to submit it somewhere--it will be based on a old West Wing newspaper article I read a long time ago, with Winnie Cooper. EDIT: I actually just found the article online, and I still love it- http://articles.courant.com/2003-01-15/features/0301150787_1_winnie-cooper-white-house-west-wing

3. There's a new Doctor--another British guy I never heard of!!! Actually the actor was in a David Tennant Doctor Who episode that also guest starred the actress who played Amy Pond, before she was Amy Pond, heavily made up. I'm looking forward to see how he plays it--after all, it is part of the Doctor Who lifestyle to LOVE the previous Doctor, say he's the best, then hate on him until they start to love him, and the process starts all over again. Not sure about his age though--I got the impression that the Doctor was getting younger with each regeneration, kinda like Merlin. Whatever, not important. Not seeing this guy grace fanboys and fangirls rooms on a poster like David Tennant (my favorite Doctor by the way) or Matt Smith--isn't that the demographic BBC has been hitting with Matt Smith's Doctor? The character development, as usual, should be through the roof. The relationship the 12th Doctor has with Clara should be more like a father-daughter relationship, unlike with ol' 11, it's more like a "mate" type relationship--to borrow a British phrase, with some sexual tension occasionally. Also, Matt Smith's Doctor has seemed a bit childish at times, with constant supervision. The guy's over 900 years old! Good luck, new Doctor!!!

I'm pretty sure there was more, but I'm way too tired (thanks RK) and will go to bed soon...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another article published!!

Shieldtv.net published another one of my articles on the upcoming Agents of SHIELD TV show!! This one's on "Avengerizing" the other Marvel movies like X-Men or Spider-Man...I hope to write other articles on other subjects too!!