Friday, June 14, 2013

Agents of SHIELD post

So I've been published online!!! I submitted a geeky article to an Agents of SHIELD TV show website and they took it! Hopefully I'll have many more articles coming up!

Also found out more info I can add to this. Captain America: Winter Soldier is apparently filiming in Cleveland Ohio of all places. SHIELD has their own special SWAT unit called STRIKE -- equally long acronyms that mean cool things.

And I wanted to put down some of the top cars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because I was literally just thinking of them...

1. Tony's Hot Rod
2. Stark Industries Formula 1 Racer
3. Red Skull's car
4. Cap's motorcycle
5. Black Widow's SHIELD-issued Acura
6. Tony's car from the end of Avengers
7. Lola (Coulson's baby)

Any more?

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