Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Movie Reviews 'N Stuff

Lot of stuff to get to, let's do this! Oh yeah, and there's Spoilers!

1. Iron Man 3: This is the first movie in Marvel's Phase 2 plan, followed by Thor, Ant-Man, Winter Soldier, and many more!! When I finished watching it the first time, I had to decompress and think about it. Tony Stark is still Iron Man, but now suffering from PTSD from his battle in New York against friggin' aliens! He has massive anxiety attacks anytime anybody MENTIONS New York/wormholes/etc. Rhodey is back, this time as Iron Patriot! For some reason, I really like the design of Iron Patriot. It's an idea from the government to fight terrorism that combines Iron Man and Captain America, fresh from the Avengers! Speaking of terrorism, now there is..the Mandarin!!! He's a Bin Laden type of terrorist, but you're not sure what his motivation is, or why he's doing what he's doing! However, that becomes clear when you meet Trevor. Something I thought of after the movie. AIM created both Iron Patriot and the Mandarin! Both sides of the issues. But, back to the movie. I love the design work on all the various armors they show. The Extremis soldiers are a great idea and come across very cool visually. Pepper Potts is back as the CEO of Stark Industries, but she has a lot bigger role than she has in other movies. The scene at the end with the glowing Extremis arm and an Iron Man gauntlet on the other is so cool. And she's hilarious--"that was so violent!" Plus, she looks great. Killian is a great bad guy, and also at the end you can see the red heat through his tattoos. There's another interesting scene with the Vice President, who you find out is a bad guy in the same scene he's introduced. But why? Take a look at his daughter in the wheelchair and his motivations become apparent with no dialog. A great start to Phase 2...

2. Star Trek Into Darkness: Truly one of the most epic movies to start off the summer. JJ Abrams proves he can do no wrong--can't wait for his Star Wars. Ever see Super 8 or Cloverfield? So good. Anyway, Kirk shows he's still into "old" Beastie Boys tracks and having sex with hot aliens. Uhura and Spock in a prolonged romantic tiff is actually pretty funny. This crew is starting to become a family. Scotty proves to be just as hilarious and awesome as he was in the first one. And yes, Sherlock is KHAN!! Complete with somebody yelling that too. Watch the original Star Trek 2 Wrath of Khan and then watch this particular scene near the end--they virtually mirror each other, and I thought that was a brilliant move.The one thing I wasn't sure of was the calling of old Spock--whenever the new crew gets into trouble, do they always call the one guy from the future who knows what happened in his timeline? Ridiculously good flick.

3. Fast and Furious 6: This ain't Shakespeare, but it's entertaining. Our car driving super rich outlaws are back, with lots of callbacks to #4. The Rock is back as DSS agent Hobbes with the hot but deadly Gina Carano (?) as his fellow soldier. He gets all the guys back together to help him catch a super criminal on wheels called Shaw. And Dom's girlfriend, Letty is back too. But didn't she die? Michelle Rodriguez is back, this time due to the always reliable movie trope of AMNESIA. Anyway, if Dom and Brian catch Shaw and Letty, they'll get pardons. Ridiculous car action and big stunts follow as usual. The hidden bad guy becomes somewhat apparent when you rule everybody out, but it still comes as a shock.This time, there are on-screen deaths of our good guys, and you can feel their pain. The main code of honor for these guys is family, and that's pretty much hammered into you. They even set it up for a 7th--Han (a great actor, I hope to see him in more movies) finally goes into his inevitable fate in Tokyo (see the not as good, but decent enough as a stand alone flick, #3 Tokyo Drift) and introduces us to the other Hollywood Car guy, Jason Statham as the new F&F bad guy.

4. Have you seen the trailer for the new Agents of SHIELD TV show coming out this fall? Superheroes and the still-alive Coulson on the small screen looks incredible. And the impression I got of Melinda May is like she's a SHIELD urban legend. Watch it now!! My guess for Coulson--he's got an artificial heart!

5. Have you seen my Youtube video for the Avengers? See it now, punk!!

6. Now we have to wait for Man Of Steel...

7. Both Joss Whedon in Avengers 2 and Bryan Singer from the X-Men epic Days of Future Past want the mutant Quicksilver in their movies. Can't we all just get along?  This movie stars both versions of Magneto and Professor X as well as Wolverine, Kitty Pride, Bishop--as a fan of the original '80's comic story and the movies, I can't wait for this. Singer wants his young version of Quicksilver, super-fast son of Magneto and a mutant. Whedon wants to use Quicksilver, but probably an older version and he can't use the word mutant. I would love to see both of them use Quicksilver, but maybe two different ages--the two universes will eventually come together under the movie Marvel banner...

8. Almost forgot about this: John Hurt as The Doctor? What? Can't wait for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special to come out in November. Will he be the Valeyard? Now, I never was a huge Doctor Who fan, but people at work were always talking about it and I now have BBC America on cable, so I quickly got into it. A coworker and myself will hopefully go halfsies on a sonic screwdriver set so I can finally have one!!!

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  1. I know!! I couldn't believe it about John Hurt as the Dr. The screwdriver is worth the investment ;)