Monday, April 15, 2013

Y'know, Stuff

I've never been asked, "Mike, what's on your desk that you find interesting?" Which is a damn shame, cuz I have some neat stuff on to hear it, here it goes...

Boba Fett Balancer: 1997. Taco Bell. The Star Wars original trilogy rerelease. Coming back home from a Metallica concert in Boston, about 1am. We were hungry, so we stopped at Taco Bell and on a whim, all of us purchased the kids toy Boba Fett Balancer along with our tacos and sodas. This bad boy followed me from several different addresses, but it was worth it.

JFK Tie Pin: This is a recent acquistition from relatives, but I find it fascinating. From the 1960 campaign of John F. Kennedy, it's called a flasher. Meaning, you turn it one way, you see the hopeful presidential profile of JFK, turn it the other and you see "Man for the '60's." And it's a tie pin, a little huge but that's the '60's for you. I have about 3 of these, but it's the only one to survive those decades still intact.

Highlander Watcher key chain fob: Minus the fob and keys. I got this thing in the mid '90's from the dreaded Highlander franchise catalog. I got a mug and a key chain fob in their Watcher symbol. HERE. As I may have stated on here before, that was only the beginning. The Highlander guys found me at 3 different addresses, wanting me to buy more shit from them, including a $300 sword, and you get a free jacket. This key fob broke on me many times, I had to repair it. Eventually, all that's left is the chunky symbol itself. Why I keep it I don't know, but it's still cool looking.

Action figures: The Hulk that RK got me (which I still have to take comical pictures of) and a free Superman "Hush" action figure that one of my managers picked up at some conference.

Bobble Heads: Hurley from Lost, Boba Fett, and Iron Man from the Avengers. I will also soon pick up a Iron Patriot bobblehead as well. So that's all the interesting stories I see so far, but maybe I'll do more.

Buffy Letter

I listened to this podcast where people who never saw Buffy The Vampire Slayer before watched it for the first time and then recorded their impressions with each other online. I wanted to say something about the episode called "Superstar" where the shlubby nerdy guy casts a spell and suddenly he's the center of the entire world and is the greatest thing that ever lived. I recently found the email I wrote to the podcast, that they never read on the air, and wanted to post it here for my own self gratification.

Ah, Jonathan. He is so cool and is my personal hero. Did you see The Matrix? How about his new album? Legend--wait for it---dary. To be without Jonathan is like being in a world without shrimp.

Handy Jonathan facts:

Jonathan can speak Latin in front of books.

Jonathan didn't become his costume on Halloween, his costume became him.

Jonathan was going to crush the bones of his enemies into powder, but gosh he did that last night.

I heard that Jonathan once withstood a hoard of vampires using a wooden spoon.

Jonathan defeated the Mayor with hummus.

Jonathan's tears cures Interfector Mortis better than Slayer blood. Too bad he's never cried. In case you didn't get that, that's the poison that Faith shot Angel with. That's how awesome Jonathan is.

Well, I have to go eat some Johnny O's. Thanks guys!!!

Also, Iron Man 3 comes out soon and I hope to go to the Midnight showing, provided I can get some people to go with me. By the way, the prequel comic is awesome, showing War Machine in action, going after the Mandarin and 10 Rings. He was in action in Asia during the Chitauri invasion of Avengers, but made it back in time for Schwarma. It shows that the 10 Rings terrorist organization is after some new Stark Technology. Hammer Industries, which was Sam Rockwell's company, is now done with since he's in prison for helping out Ivan Vanko and endangering countless lives at the Stark Expo.

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  1. Hey! If I had seen your desk I TOTALLY would have asked about the items I hadn't sent you. You know I would have ;)