Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I'm Thinking...Tuesday?

So I have been really lax lately on the ol' bloggy blog....

In no particular order: the early edition of What I'm Thinking Thursday!

1. This past Friday was my birfday, so Happy Birfday to me!! I got the Hobbit DVD and a book on the American Revolution as seen through the newspapers of the time....

2. Awful lot of Iron Man 3 stuff on here lately, but I'll add some more!! First, the newest trailer shows Pepper Potts getting into the Iron Man armor: Here's the gif but I can't seem to find it on YouTube at this time... PEPPER IN ARMOR!! And did you see the Hulkbuster armor busting through those shipping containers? He moved just like the Hulk did in the Avengers movie.

3. Also, Hot Toys has released pics of the diecast Iron Patriot figure! How cool is this?

4. On comics news, I ordered the TPB of the Iron Man 3 Prelude. Also purchased the last two comics in both Buffy and Angel and Faith, where there respective stories come to an end before beginning a new storyline... Very cool, many surprises in store.

5. Ant-Man test footage!

6. Really want to get into Doctor Who audiobooks by Big Finish but iTunes doesn't have them up yet. The new season starts this Saturday I believe...

7. Lost Season 7: The Comic Book? This article got me thinking about something I want to put up on this site myself. HERE

8. I want to create an Avengers Appreciation post, similar to what they showed at the end of the Avengers movie, like with people celebrating and dressing up as the Avengers.

9. Patiently waiting for my Van Halen Bootleg. Found it on tape from my college days and had it sent out to be put on CD. Also a couple of VHS tapes too....

10. And one more piece of Marvel news: The new Wolverine poster!!

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  1. I will never understand the obsession with women in tough guy gear. Or women with guns in bikinis, for that matter.