Thursday, September 20, 2012

Movie edition of What I'm Thinking Thursday

1. Resident Evil pt. 15: Another predictable Resident Evil movie, but I do enjoy them! They pretty much brought back every known face in the RE universe, and made it over the top. The movie makers main concern in each installment is to make Alice wear as little clothing as possible. If I had a thing for Milla Jovavich, I would enjoy this. I prefer Jill Valentine, played by Sienna Guillory, who plays a rather one-dimensional bad guy (under mind control though). Jill is wearing a rather ridiculous one piece spandex suit for some reason, but it is intriguing. And she looks good. Another character is a little girl named Becki, who may or may not be deaf, but serves the role that most kids serve in an action/horror movie--to be cared for, kidnapped, and saved, then disappears mysteriously. Michelle Rodriguez makes another appearance, but kind of a weird way--she's both the bad ass soldier and peace-loving gun control hippie chick--oh clones, how you serve a purpose in a flick like this. Finally, the main dude--I think he used to be head of Umbrella Corporation (I missed one or two of the movies, so I think that's what happened) and is know a resistance leader. He reminds of a combo of Chris O'Donnell, Agent Smith from the Matrix, and a spandex-wearing Ken doll. The thing that really intrigued me was the massive amount of bullets and guns, and the production design. The movie takes place in an old Soviet Union submarine base, so they have this cool elevator with the hammer and sickle Soviet flag on it. Also, the Soviet Zombies have cool design, looking exactly like dead Russian Communist soldiers of the Cold War era. All in all, meh. It was a good movie if you take it for what it was--another sequel in endless sequels. Good action, effects.

2. Expendables 2: All right, so: Rambo, the Transporter, Ivan Drago, The One, The Terminator, John McClane, the Natural, Thor's real-life little brother, and Jean Claude Van Damme are in one big action movie. Awesome. Even Chuck "Walker Texas Ranger" Norris makes an appearance to save the day and makes his own Chuck Norris joke. Jean-Claude plays a bad guy who is badly acted as usual. The Expendables initial mission makes a little sense (sent in by CIA guy Bruce Willis) but what Jean Claude does to them makes no sense and really cliche. Tons of bullets, kicks, and bad-assery ensues and makes for a great action movie that you don't have to think through. Three of the '80's biggest stars in one shot is worth the price of admission.

3. Drive: I've been told to see this flick for a long time, and I finally got around to it. The main character has no name and little lines, and is called "Driver." His next door neighbor is a young mother with a jailbird husband. The scenes with just Driver and his neighbor are sweet and with music that reminded me of a John Hughes high school movie. You really don't know what to make of the flick, it's part action, part something else. Everything goes wrong for Driver (who wears a cool Scorpion jacket) but he will do anything for his neighbor, who he obviously loves.

Whew! I also hope to see Dredd soon, so I'll have a review for that I'm sure. Also went through my phone and downloaded some pics to Flickr, post those soon too.

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