Friday, August 17, 2012

Reading Stuff

So I'm reading Stephen King's 11/22/63 about time traveling to stop the JFK assassination. It's called "the rabbit hole" and it's located inside a diner in Maine (where all King books take place). The only problem is that you end up in Maine 1958. It's over 800 pages and I just started.

The main character just met up with the kids from IT in 1958--Ritchie (as in "Beep, Beep Ritchie") and Beverly. It's kinda cool to see him reference old characters who were in that time period. They would have defeated Pennywise the Clown only a short while ago in this timeline. I won't put up any pictures of Pennywise on my blog because clowns are creepy, and Pennywise even more so. He's actually a terrifying TV/book villain--the book is really scary too. Also, I can't stand Tim Curry. Not because he played Pennywise awesomely, but because he played a character called Herkimer Homolokola in the shit fest that was Congo.

I will, however, put up a new picture of the Doctor from the newest season. And now that I have BBCAmerica, I can actually watch on time.

Also, seeing Expendables 2 on Monday with a buddy of mine. I plan to grow a beard to make myself manly enough to watch this movie. It evens stars Thor's real life brother, but not Loki.

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  1. No beard, please. That would be scarier than bigotes ;)