Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Random Avengers shit

So apparently, Joss Whedon's new TV program will be the Avengers Marvel Cinematic Universe. With SHIELD agents. Dealing with super-heroes, super-villians, what have you. Probably closer to Item 47....

And here are three people on Tumblr who have Avengers/will be seeing Avengers. Dammit...

Blu-Ray Goodness

More Blu-Ray Goodness

Awesome college campus Avengers Goodness

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Best Video EVER

From Seth Green's new Star Wars project...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Coulson Lives

So I closed at work tonight, and will be opening tomorrow morning bright and early. WTF am I doing still up?

And did anybody else notice in Iron Man 2, Tony opens up a crate marked "Pegasus" when he's refitting his lab to create the new element? That's the same project name that Dr. Selvig and Hawkeye are working on (for unlocking the Tesseract) in the beginning of The Avengers.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scott Pilgrim and Shakespeare and Batman


The text is from Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness, I wish they put that in the movie.

Batman and Hamlet: HERE

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So True...

I know it's the third post of the day, but I had to share:


Avengers comes out on Blu-Ray on September 25. Since I will soon be getting a Blu-Ray player, I will, of course, get the deluxe mother-fucking edition.

But, the MAN keeps on releasing Blu-Ray features online like Item 47, deleted scenes, blooper reels....

I must resist.....

Aquaman and Fast 6

So I'm doing my usual f'in around on the Internets, and I come across these two items that intrigued me. The first is an comic advertisement for the new Robot Chicken Special and the second is from my favorite guilty pleasure film franchise, The Fast & The Furious. For the record, the Rock is the shit....

Also, I ordered a Lost map and received my Brett Kelley Avengers art--life is decent lately. More on this later. Also saw Expendables 2, and it was a lot of fun. Review also later!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Reading Stuff

So I'm reading Stephen King's 11/22/63 about time traveling to stop the JFK assassination. It's called "the rabbit hole" and it's located inside a diner in Maine (where all King books take place). The only problem is that you end up in Maine 1958. It's over 800 pages and I just started.

The main character just met up with the kids from IT in 1958--Ritchie (as in "Beep, Beep Ritchie") and Beverly. It's kinda cool to see him reference old characters who were in that time period. They would have defeated Pennywise the Clown only a short while ago in this timeline. I won't put up any pictures of Pennywise on my blog because clowns are creepy, and Pennywise even more so. He's actually a terrifying TV/book villain--the book is really scary too. Also, I can't stand Tim Curry. Not because he played Pennywise awesomely, but because he played a character called Herkimer Homolokola in the shit fest that was Congo.

I will, however, put up a new picture of the Doctor from the newest season. And now that I have BBCAmerica, I can actually watch on time.

Also, seeing Expendables 2 on Monday with a buddy of mine. I plan to grow a beard to make myself manly enough to watch this movie. It evens stars Thor's real life brother, but not Loki.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Is this real??? From HERE

I is famous?

Found myself on two different tumblrs. I was bored and wrote in....


Casting call for a Nathaniel Cade/President's Vampire movie: HERE

Friday, August 10, 2012

Avengers y mi bigote

Not really anything about my moustache.....

Things I have to get working on after I waste precious hours on the computer...
  1. Hulk pictures
  2. Total Recall review
  3. Fury's Big Day roundup
  4. Holy crap I just spent an hour in the basement waiting for a tornado that thankfully never came

Avengers is coming to Blu-Ray in September. I'm almost afraid of how many times I will watch that bitch. Also, Joss Whedon just announced he's going to be writing and directing Avengers 2. Pile on Iron Man 3, Winter Soldier, Thor 2.....

Thanks, Tumblr!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What I'm Thinking Thursday: The Deluxe Edition

So I had so much shit on my mind and to say, that I smooshed it all together and came up with this.

1. Batman/Dark Knight Rises Review So, it's been 8 years (movie time) since Batman killed District Attorney Harvey Dent. Batman disappeared, there were laws made, and Gotham PD won the war on crime. At least that's what they want you to think. Batman, Bruce Wayne, went from badass crimefighter/playboy to virtual recluse. He took longer to train to become Batman than he has been retired. The story line is taken from several Batman comics from the past 15-20 years. They introduce Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway--who used her high heels and leather-clad legs to full advantage. There's Bane--the be-masked behemeoth who's smarter than he looks. Only problem I had with Bane is his voice. At times it was creepy, and at times you can tell they redubbed his voice, at times he sounds like a creepy old man. There was the awesome flying Batmobile dubbed the Bat. Michael Caine acts his ass off, but wasn't in the movie very much and was extremely out of character. Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a cop in the flick, but I don't remember his name. While it was his movie, it almost seemed out of character of the actor to be in a Batman movie. At times, it was a little boring but you wanted to see what would happen.

The last 45 minutes for me, made it all worth while. It wasn't Avengers good, certainly not one of the best movies of the year, but it was entertaining. There was several surprise twists at the end, and it seemed that EVERYBODY knew Bruce Wayne was Batman.

Also, speaking of Batman movies: these guys made their own stop motion movie with Batman figures, they're awesome and I can't stop watching it! Can't wait for a full movie.

2. Also in Batman news: Out of respect for RK, I won't post this Youtube video, but it's kinda freaky. Tom Waits, 30 years before Heath Ledger's Joker, was basically Heath Ledger's Joker. The voice, vocal ticks, everything screams Joker. If you didn't know better, you'd say that Tom Waits is doing an imitation of Heath Ledger's Joker. He must have watched this video at one point in his life and based EVERYTHING off of it. Here.

3. Thomas Jane, star of the Punisher movie a few years back, made a Punisher fan film without Marvel's permission. I really enjoyed his version of Frank Castle, it was a good flick, and I wished they got him again when they made that second Punisher movie War Zone. The short is called "Dirty Laundry" and has Ron "Hellboy" Perlman in it too. Watch it here. Shit is freakin' brutal but it's nice to see Frank back.... Oh, and one of my favorite quotes from the comments section: "Remember kids, Always keep a bottle of Jack nearby, you just never know when you're gonna need it."

4. So I was watching late night TV/BBC America and this guy was talking about seeing the Ant Man footage at Comic Con. It actually sounds cool. They call it "Size-Fu" and it's Ant Man getting bigger and smaller during different times to take out his opponents, and I'm waiting for my illegal Comic Con footage of the Marvel trailers.

5. Also at Comic Con, Gentle Giant studios, who makes really cool geek statues, announced their own line of "babes with guns" statues, presumably based on their Sucker Punch statues. Each of the babes are awesome, based on old movies like Predator, Bullitt, James Bond, etc. Here's a link. The funny thing is, I would never buy these because I would probably be too embarassed. Also, I wouldn't want it in my house for very long. Also, I'm not rich. Because I think too much, I came up with my own line of similar statues:

A. Hoverboard Babe, based on the Hoverboards from Back to the Future II, and the "skater punks" that go along with it. She'll have a tricked out board, with futuristic stickers on the front, all scratched up, and the typical hoverboard bottom. It's been used and abused. With the sneakers and jacket. Think 1980's version of the future.

B. Ghostbuster. From the movies of the same name. Full Ghostbuster jumpsuit, with Proton Pack, scientific instruments and a beatup ghost trap. I've seen plenty of Ghostbuster babes online, but this should be taken a little more seriously. You can have a full suit on and still make it look sexy.

C. Vampire Slayer. With stakes, the Slayer Scythe from the Buffy show and comic. Maybe you can go full Joss: with Jayne hat, Captain America shield and a torn Captain Hammer T-shirt. And maybe a leather jacket with Angel's tattoo drawn on the back, fading.

D. Colonial Marine chick. Complete with an M41A Pulse Rifle, but with a look that says she's been on her own for a while on some distant alien world, and kinda suped-up her armor and outfit. A Weyland-Utani leather jacket, perhaps a Predator weapon stuck in a backpack or belt or something. And, of course, an Alien head as a shield (like in the first AVP).

E. Some girl in Star Wars type armor, whether it's Mandalorian armor with trophies, or a Stormtrooper. Have to show the Star Wars love.  The image above is from an artist who made his own giant life-sized Stormtrooper statue called "The Big Bad Wolf."
F. The Running Man. Remember the '80's Arnold movie? Futuristic gladiators go up against criminals in yellow jumpsuits. Maybe a double pack--one "victim" and one gladiator. Or, if you're looking for something more modern, how about a Tribute from one of the districts in The Hunger Games? I got plenty more in mind, maybe I'll post more later...

6. A few weeks before Avengers came out, Marvel comics came out with a prequel comic called "Fury's Big Week." Unfortunately, I didn't know about it until last week and picked up the TPB. It all takes place in-between the movies and their scenes. It seems that Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man 2 all took place within one week. I'll have a review for this soon, I'm much too tired to write it up now...