Thursday, July 5, 2012

What I'm Thinking Thursday Returns!

What I'm Thinking Thursday returns with a vengeance!!!

1. Hollywood will be remaking the classic movie Highlander with Ryan Reynolds (who was in Green Lantern and awesome in Blade Trinity) as the immortal Connor Macleod. In thinking about it, somebody online mentioned they wouldn't mind seeing The Punisher's Thomas Jane or 300's Gerard Butler as MacLeod. Interesting. By weird coincidence, I picked up the original Highlander DVD the other night for a few bucks at Newbury Comics! Before I knew about all this hubbaloo! Not sure how I feel, this flick doesn't need a reboot! On another side note, I bought a keychain years ago from the Highlander company, and then they kept calling me to buy one of their hundreds-of-dollars-replica-swords all the time! Even when I moved! Twice! And did I mention that Highlander 2 and the last two seasons of the TV show sucked?

2. So I found this image a few weeks ago. It's Indiana Jones with Captain America's shield. Very plausible. Why? I'll tell you why non-believer-of-me!! The beginning of Captain America, when the Red Skull gets the Cosmic Cube, he says something like "And the Fueher digs for trinkets in the desert." Raiders of the Lost Ark, searching for the Well of Souls, perhaps. Also, Indy was a member of the OSS, the precursor of the CIA during WWII, and has won a lot of medals because of this (thanks, vastly inferior Crystal Skull movie). Who's to say Indy didn't help out Cap and the ol' Howling Commandoes during their fight against Hydra?

3. Although I haven't been able to pick up this comic because it's been sold out, the likeness of David Tennant is being used in America's Got Powers, in which kids granted superpowers by a meteor are made to fight against each other for a place on a superhero team, for the entertainment of the whole planet. Like our reality, it keeps getting more bloodthirsty. It's a great artist (Bryan Hitch who did the Ultimates) and I guess I'll pick it up in Trade Paperback.

4. I've just finished re-reading Jurassic Park (it was on sale at work). I think I read it first when I was in high school for a biology assignment, and I couldn't make heads or tales out of most of it. Then, the movie came out and apparently my knowledge of DNA increased. It's a wild book, and really different from the movie. Currently reading the new Star Wars: Darth Plagueis. And I just picked up the new Faith & Angel TPB!

5. I want to start listening to Doctor Who audio books from Big Finish. They're complete audio casts with music, sound effects and everything. A magazine I read keeps touting them, and I like their accents.

6. On a recommendation of a friend, I picked up the first two Trade Paperbacks of the comic Chew. Very interesting so far. This dude's a Cibopath, which means he gets psychic impressions from the food he eats. Whether a serial killer made the soup he's eating, or what happened to the cow that makes up his hamburger, he sees it all. So he primarily eats beets, which give off no psychic impressions whatsoever. He's also been known to eat people, to find out murder plots, murders, conspiracies, etc. Just their blood or bit of finger will do.

7. Finally, Jimmy Fallon rapping.

Saw The Amazing Spider-Man yesterday. Review up soon. See, I told you!


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  1. Oh my GOD. Will they ever stop remaking 80s movies? It's like most of Hollywood has run dry of creativity or originality. Fuck.