Sunday, July 1, 2012


So I'm probably going to see the new Spider-Man movie this week. Probably on the Fourth of July, because I'm working that day to get some extra money and probably won't have anything to do afterwards. Probably going to go see it.

1. Tobey Maguire: Officially, the last Spider-man. Kinda weird that they're rebooting a movie series after only ten years, and a successful one at that. I remember there was bit of controversy when the first one came out because Spidey caught some bad guys in a web inbetween the World Trade Center, then 9/11 happened. They got rid of the posters, everything! The first flick was a lot of fun, as was the second one. The third one was okay, but could have done without the emo and dancing. The new Goblin, played by James Franco, was great though. Made the flick worthwhile. 

2. I remember watching the '70's TV show at my friend's house, as well as the various cartoons. You can probably find all of it on Youtube.

3. Miles Morales: the New Ultimate Spider-Man. Been reading these pretty consistently at work, really digging it. Miles is a grade-school kid who got bit by spider similar to the one who bit Peter Parker. When he first came on the scene, he didn't want to be a hero, then decided to wear a Halloween version of the Spidey suit, then was given his own outfit. As of now, he's hanging out with his not-a-good-guy uncle who's trying to get him to follow in his footsteps as a bad-ass/master thief.

4. I keep watching the Amazing Spider-Man trailer, and it just looks more amazing everytime. 5. Hopefully, this Spidey will eventually be a part of the Avengers. The Avengers and Spidey are owned by Marvel, but the movie versions are owned by two different parties (Sony, I think). Can you see young Parker with Captain America or Iron Man?

On an spider-unrelated note, I did see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and was immensely disappointed. I read the book a few months back, and thought it was great. The movie, however, was a times boring and they changed a lot of the characters (thereby changing the relationships in the movie). For instance, Lincoln's big hunter friend was changed into a normal-sized black guy with a scar. A good character, but different from the one imagined in the book. I did like the "axe-fu" shots, where Lincoln wielded his axe like a samurai sword and chopped trees down with one chop. The action scenes were interesting and cool, but unrealistic (which is what they were supposed to be, so I can't find fault there). The guy who played Lincoln really looked like him--I'm not sure if he wore a prosthetic nose to help out, but I know he played Lincoln in a live-stage Presidents thing.

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