Sunday, July 15, 2012

My inevitable Spider-man review

It's the new Spider-Man movie! And I saw it! And enjoyed it!

So, it's a movie you've seen before, but in a different way. You knew what was going to happen to Uncle Ben, but wanted to see if it would turn out differently. The new Spidey is a English actor named Andrew Garfield (who was in a episode of Doctor Who as a homeless guy from Tennessee or Alabama). Not Tobey Maguire, who was the last Spidey. You could probably watch the two "first" Spider-man movies and be satisfied, it would be like watching a similar movie (like Ice T's Surviving the Game and Jean-Claude Van Damme's Hard Target) with different guys. I felt Tobey was more of a geeky-kind of guy in his first Spidey movie, but Garfield can pull it off as well. This spidey, thanks to technology, moves differently than any other Spidey in movie/TV history (I'm referencing you, 1970's Spider-man TV show), he's more fluid, just looks cooler.He's still in high school, still has bullies (which kinda disappear in to somewhat friends--which is what happened to Flash Thompson in the comics as well) This time, the love interest is Gwen Stacey--who was Peter's first love in the comics, but SPOILER: was thrown off the Brooklyn Bridge and died of a broken neck in the comics. Emma Stone looks exactly like Gwen Stacey in the comics, right down to the '70's-esque skirt and boots. It doesn't hurt that I love her eyes, and could have a whole movie with just that. Another added bonus is that her and Garfield have great chemistry, and somebody told me later they were actually dating after the movie wrapped. It was like they couldn't get enough of each other and wanted to be closer.

Okay, enough of the schmaltzy stuff. Garfield as Spidey was great. Watching him figure out his Spider powers and then using them, and his NON-ORGANIC webs was a nice little bit of technology. The guy playing Kurt Conners was okay, a typical movie/comic scientist obsessed with fixing what's wrong with him (missing arm) but in the process losing himself in the SCIENCE and becoming a danger to the city. A little too Hulkey at times. They also had the Spider-Man movie typical New Yorkers helping Spidey in his time of need, including the police. It would have been cooler to have the cops after Spidey the entire time--him taking on the SWAT team was so cool looking. But it made sense to the movie.

It was also a long movie, but kept my attention. Stay a few minutes after the initial credits to see a little scene that sets up the hopefully-inevitable second movie. I didn't stay after that, but I don't think Spidey ever caught the criminal who killed his Uncle Ben (not really a spoiler, people) which spurred his need for justice/revenge in the first place. He probably won't be part of the Avengers, but it would be fairly cool to see Iron Man and Cap show this kid the ropes.


  1. I liked it...didn't know Andrew Garfield was English. I liked Rhys Ifans a lot, can't believe he was the dorky roommate in Notting Hill! It pissed me off that you still don't know what really happened to Peter's parents though.

  2. I also liked it and thought it was a lot better compared to the first Maguire film. Apparently a trilogy of these films are planned featuring Garfield which is a good sign as long as they stay true to the comic books, apart from the Gwen Stacy death that you mentioned above.