Monday, July 16, 2012

Avengers wanna-be news

Well, I probably already did some Avengers 2 news and some of my ideas, but I don't care, I'm doing it again. The new Marvel Movies, AKA Avengers Phase 2.

Iron Man 3: The new armor is killer, looks really cool. There's a ton of news about it from Comic-Con, but they won't put the footage online because of Marvel copyrights and all that business. There will apparently be nanobots, Iron Patriot (who is War Machine painted up like Captain America and being sent to China to protect the Vice-President), Advanced Ideas Mechanics, and the Mandarin. As in THE FIVE RINGS--the same group that kidnapped Tony in the first flick.

Captain America 2: So it's subtitled "The Winter Soldier" and that can only mean Bucky is back from the dead. It happened in the comics, teenage partner Bucky is supposedly killed in WWII before Cap was frozen, only to be shown as alive and a Commie Super Soldier/Spy called the Winter Soldier. Now we know that Bucky was experimented on by the Red Skull and Dr. Zola, right before Cap freed him from the Hydra base. Perhaps the flick will have a cyborg Arnim Zola. He was probably freed by the Allies after WWII, as were many Nazi scientists--they went on to work for NASA. It's Steve in modern times, not WWII.

Thor: The Dark World. What does this mean? I heard we're seeing a part of Asgard that's not so shiny or great. Loki's imprisioned, but maybe he's exactly where he wants to be. He could have access to the Cosmic Cube, and the Infinity Gauntlet is in Odin's trophy room. This is what Thanos is known for having, and it could be a direct sequel to the Avengers.

Ant Man: Directed by Edgar Wright, who directed one of my favorite movies, Scott Pilgrim. As RK put it, he was last in line when handing out powers, they're kinda shitty. But, I suppose seeing a shitload of ants come at you in force might be kinda cool. I would think it would be too comedic a flick.

Guardians of The Galaxy: Really? One of the characters is a talking racoon. Not sure about this....

No Hawkeye and Black Widow movie, no new Hulk movie with Mark Ruffallo vs the Leader....I still want to see Blonsky. Is he human again? He's still the second person around who has a variation of the Super Soldier Serum in him, along with Banner's gamma-irradiated blood. For Hawkeye, I suppose you could just go see the new Bourne movie. Without arrows.

Here's my idea for a cool Marvel movie, to bring it back to the streets, if you will...

Luke Cage, Power Man. Starring 50 Cent. Imagine this dude punching his way out of prison, brick by brick?

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  1. I am going to post about Ant Man. It's like he got the leftover superpower...I suppose plastic sandwich bag man would be worse?