Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pointless Post

So I just got back from seeing The Hunger Games. I liked it, but the book is better. But since I'm here, here's another Alex Ross sketch. This time, it's from the Earth X comic series. As with most Alex Ross stuff, it's in the future with the past mixed in. This is a brilliantly cast Robert Loggia as Wolverine.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Avengers, Hulk, Buffy, and Robocop!!

My top Avengers questions and thoughts before the movie comes out!

  • Where is the Abomination now? I would imagine that Special Ops soldier Emil Blonsky
    transformed back into human after the Hulk beat the snot out of him. I would also imagine that he's tranquilized to the gills, in a secret government facility.

  • Obviously, General Ross has been trying to duplicate the original Super Soldier
    formula that made Captain America in WWII. The formula that foolishly went into
    Blonsky was not right, but still made somebody inherently bad into evil. Are there
    other formulas? The code name on the vat that held the forumla in Hulk was "Reinstein." That must have been the German doctor's military code name. Now that Cap's back, will they try to make another Super Soldier using his blood and DNA?

  • Did the Doctor that was "helping" Banner turn into the Leader? Banner's blood was
    dripping into his open wound and his head was growing. Did he disappear during the
    melee with the Abomination? I was under the impression that this guy has no morals,
    only blind scientific curiosity.

  • What happened to the thousands of samples of cloned Banner blood? Were they
    destroyed by Blonsky? Taken by the Leader? Or did SHIELD take them into custody and
    are studying them carefully, trying to reproduce the original results?

  • How did Black Widow find Banner out in the middle of nowhere?

  • Thanks to Doctor/Leader's formula, can Banner successfully control The Hulk now?

  • Are charges being brought against General Ross for destroying half of New York? The
    college campus? He obviously had his own agenda for going after Banner around the
    world, that couldn't have been in league with the Army's goals.

  • What will Cap say when he meets Tony Stark, the son of his war friend?

  • Is Bucky dead? In the comics, he turns in to the Winter Soldier after being discovered alive by Russians. I know the actor who played Bucky is contracted for a few more Captain America movies.

  • Is Red Skull really dead? Did he get sucked up into Asgard? Is Arnim Zola made to work for the Allies after his capture. Most Nazi scientists from that time were working for NASA after war? How about him?

  • Why did Odin leave such a weapon like the Cosmic Cube on Earth?

  • Was Howard Stark referring to the Cosmic Cube when he mentioned an "energy race" to
    Nick Fury in Iron Man II?

  • Is the new element that Tony and Howard Stark found related to the Cosmic Cube?

  • Did General Tommy Lee Jones help found SHIELD? We know Howard Stark helped to
    establish SHIELD.

  • I would love to see Dum Dum Dugan (the dude with the bowler hat) again as an old man, still kicking ass?

  • What happened to Agent Carter after the War? Did she also join SHIELD?

  • How does Thor get back to Earth? Will he see Jane again?

  • How in the Hell is Loki still alive? Does he need a human host to possess, as he
    did with Professor Selvig?

  • What's the world going to say when they discover that Captain America's alive and that they're being invaded by (possibly) aliens and a Norse God.

This is a Bryan Hitch drawing of the original Ultimate Hulk before revamping him. He as a cool "Hulk Smash" tattoo and loved turning into the Hulk, loved the power it gave him.

This is from Buffy Confessions, a Tumblr I ocassionally look at. The image is cool, but just ignore the text--it's kinda dumb.

Some dude built Robocop 2/Cain from the second Robocop movie using his own manufactured parts. Lathes, power tools, all that. He even made the head open up and a screen with a computerized Cain pop up. How friggin cool is that?

Friday, March 16, 2012

What the?

Buffy's a robot!! And pregnant? Wha..??!

Want to see the 5 pre-Avengers movies all day then the midnight release of Avengers in 3D? Step up!! Talk about overkill!!! Awesome but probably unnecessary!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The concert in Boston was epic!! Epically awesome!!!

Hot for Teacher!!!! Check out the Youtube page for this video to see a bunch of other videos from the concert!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wow..I must be tired


Because after a hard day at work, I'm on Youtube watching crappy '80's cartoons.

Van Halen concert comin' up for Boston!!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012



This is one of my own creations, melding my old fave, Lost, with a new fave, Alcatraz. Never been there before, though....

Friday, March 2, 2012

Ookla, Thundarr and the girl I can't remember

Anybody else remember Thundarr The Barbarian?

Howzabout a job?