Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I'm Thinking About Thursday (the second ever!)

1. The New Van Halen Album. Which I'm downloading as we speak (read?).

2. That new Avengers trailer. My brain is still leaking. Oddly enough, I'm also looking forward to a "making of" book, ala Watchmen or Suckerpunch--two of the best in my recent memory.

3. Bruce Lee as Spiderman. Literally just saw this this morning, had to post it.'s actually my computer wallpaper now.

4. I went to an unprecedented two movies this week! You know what that means? Movie Reviews!!! Here there be spoilers! Be warned (if you care)!

Underworld IV

It's been 10+ years (in movie time, only a few in ours) since we last saw Selene and Michael battle Vampires and Lycans (werewolves) in order to ensure their own survival and freedom. Now apparently, the humans are hunting both and making them extinct. Both are captured, put on ice for about a decade, and the humans (supposedly) made a child based on their DNA. Movie ensues. It's a typical Underworld movie, with great action, incredible special effects and cool explosions, decent storyline and over-the-top violence. Pretty good plot twists, things I didn't expect. Opposite "alpha beasts" from the first movie. Secret Lycans on top, vampires living in fear in the sewers. Loved the giant lycan, he was in pain when he transformed. Selene's daughter is a little creepy--beautiful when human, looked monsterous when angry--like an old school movie vampire. Speaking of Selene, if you were on the run, would you stick out like a sore thumb and wear all leather? I liked the only vampire they ran into who was on their side, but I don't remember his name. The one thing that really bugged me was they obviously didn't get the same actor who played Michael in the last movies--but he was shown briefly, but it still bugged me. I saw it in 3D, which I normally hate--mostly because of ticket cost and it doesn't seem to pay off. However, one scene it worked in was when a silver grenade was set off. There were silver flecks everywhere!! A really neat effect to see in 3D.


Wow. Probably one of the best movies so far this year, and really original (in certain ways). The trailers (which are great) released made it seem like Cloverfield crossed with X-Men. Three teenage boys gain powers. How cool is that? Drew (a quiet, misfit kid who has no friends and abused by his dad, mom is dying), Matt (Drew's cousin, school outcast who is a philosophy geek) and Steve (overachiever, sports star, future politician) gain psychic powers when they leave a rave and go into a hole in the ground in a field. You don't see everything down there, and the method that they gain their powers is left to your imagination. The unusual part of this movie is that it's all seen through Drew's video camera (and later through another girl's camera, CCTV and surveillance cameras). One annoying aspect of this is that there are several scenes of him alone, floating the camera in the air with his psychic powers. The special effects are great, especially when their powers increase, and especially when they learn to fly. Just some great plot points when Matt's girlfriend discovers he has these powers in a most incredible way. You can really get into the action and you become involved with their lives. They treat their incredible powers matter-of-factly, which is cool when they fly in and out of each other's rooms. The posters are great, and I wish I could draw, because I'd show Drew, quickly going down hill mentally, in his Dad's firefighter suit, causing havoc. Check out this great artist website. Perfect for this generation's YouTube mentality!!!!

5. Super Bowl weekend 1998. Friend-a-versary with RK!!! Loveyoubye!!!

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