Saturday, February 18, 2012


So the local Blockbuster is shutting down and selling movies for a ridiculous $1.99 each. One of the flicks I picked up is the '80's classic The Running Man with Ah-nold. Still holds up with cheesy glory. The show in the flick is kind of a cross between Wrestling and Solid Gold. Dancers, showmanship, Cadre Cola, and of course, The Running Man Home Game. With Richard Dawson to boot!!!! I'd like to imagine there were other shows the Stalkers were on, like Dancing with the Stalker and Celebrity Stalker. Check out this article I found. Good times....

I'll be reviewing other cheap yet classic movies I picked up soon!!!

So I went on Flickr and found some new favorite photos based on some of my favorite movies...

2009-10-17_Nerdfest Costumes_156

Point Break. Makes me want to have a meatball sandwich and surf.

Jayne & Wash

Serenity. I aim to misbehave.

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  1. I remember Point Break...never saw Serenity. And PS I am still pissed that I have to wait 3 more months for The Avengers!!