Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yet Another (sigh) New Avengers Trailer

New Avengers Trailer (Sorry RK to keep doing this to ya)!!!!

Holy crap. My mind is still reeling. I hope Joss Whedon and Marvel don't release any more footage, they'll reveal everything and we'll be tuckered out on it before the movie even begins.

Yeah Right. So, some thoughts:

  • Black Widow finds Bruce Banner living in some shack, she brings a special ops team

  • Whilst Iron Man walks, his armor is removed for him.

  • Cap meets Banner on an aircraft carrier.

  • Iron Man Vs. Thor

  • New Hulk footage--chasing Black Widow and saving Iron Man.

  • "This isn't a team, it's a time bomb!"

  • WTF is that giant snake thingee?

RIP Davy Jones of the Monkees!! Daydream Believer!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The last one's a fake--from SuperTeam Family!!! The first one is the new awesome Avengers posters (new trailer apparently, tomorrow!!) and the second is from an upcoming issue of Buffy!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Completely Random

I also suddenly remembered some crappy episode of Miami Vice I watched as a kid. The image of some dead cryogenically frozen rock star evidentally stayed in my mind. He had sunglasses on that you could see through a little window. Thanks to the Internets, I found that episode!! The dude was a reggae star, but he was still frozen.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Link Round Up

One of the movies I got extra-cheap was the direct-to-dvd sequel to Death Race, Death Race 2 (creative, right?). And boy, did I pay the right price for that piece of shit. Despite DR2 (as I'm calling it) has "great" actors like Sean Bean and the Man himself, Danny Trejo (underutilized in this movie as the Mexican Jew prisoner Goldberg), I was so let down by this. I really liked the first Death Race, with its cool armored race cars, weaponry, racing and death. But the only racing was done near the end of this way to long flick, and it was shit already seen---same freakin' cars as the first (they could have come up with some way cooler cars for the prequel) and the stunts and action were predictable and not really all that exciting. But in the beginning of the flick, I was hopeful. Sean Bean and Luke Goss (who plays Carl Lucas, but is apparently called Luke throughout the flick, who also can't act very well) are talking in the beginning of the movie using incomprehensible accents--it takes a while to get used to it. It also has the worst bank robbery in history. Then, they mention a name. The Weyland Corporation. This is the same name as the evil corporation in the Aliens movies. But Ving Rhames (playing the same educated thug he ALWAYS plays) is no Charles Bishop Weyland.

One of the female leads (there are 2) is a ex-Miss Universe who now works as an emcee for Death Match, a gladatorial contest between prisoners. This has all been done before and is a little boring. September Jones, the said emcee has the distinction of being a character in the movie that you not only would love to see naked, but also die a horrible death. The other female is a poorly-acted female prisoner there for eye candy (although you almost take her seriously at the end, where she wears an open sweater over her boob shirt--she's all conservative!!). We also now know why Lists is in prison in the first place--Matricide, meaning he killed his mom!!! This whole movie is a prequel to the first Death Race, and serves as the introduction to the mysterious racer known as Frankenstein.


A while ago, I heard about a Obi-Wan statue being built by Sideshow Toys that was going to show him in his exile to Tattooine. I finally saw a picture of the sculpt and it looks great. It shows Obi-Wan near the end of his Ewan McGregor look, and transitioning into Alec Guiness from A New Hope. The article I read also said that his backpack was to almost serve as a timeline from his days as a Jedi. In the last pic, you can see his Clone Wars armor and Anakin's lightsaber. Hopefully, there will be more.

Custom Buffy Season 8 CCG cards, unfortunately not completed as promised. They capture the characters perfectly in my opinion, using Jo Chen art.

Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury action figure, from the Avengers movie!

Buffy Villians!

New Fan-Made Avengers trailer, with scenes from the other hero movies!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


So the local Blockbuster is shutting down and selling movies for a ridiculous $1.99 each. One of the flicks I picked up is the '80's classic The Running Man with Ah-nold. Still holds up with cheesy glory. The show in the flick is kind of a cross between Wrestling and Solid Gold. Dancers, showmanship, Cadre Cola, and of course, The Running Man Home Game. With Richard Dawson to boot!!!! I'd like to imagine there were other shows the Stalkers were on, like Dancing with the Stalker and Celebrity Stalker. Check out this article I found. Good times....

I'll be reviewing other cheap yet classic movies I picked up soon!!!

So I went on Flickr and found some new favorite photos based on some of my favorite movies...

2009-10-17_Nerdfest Costumes_156

Point Break. Makes me want to have a meatball sandwich and surf.

Jayne & Wash

Serenity. I aim to misbehave.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I'm Thinking About Thursday (the second ever!)

1. The New Van Halen Album. Which I'm downloading as we speak (read?).

2. That new Avengers trailer. My brain is still leaking. Oddly enough, I'm also looking forward to a "making of" book, ala Watchmen or Suckerpunch--two of the best in my recent memory.

3. Bruce Lee as Spiderman. Literally just saw this this morning, had to post it.'s actually my computer wallpaper now.

4. I went to an unprecedented two movies this week! You know what that means? Movie Reviews!!! Here there be spoilers! Be warned (if you care)!

Underworld IV

It's been 10+ years (in movie time, only a few in ours) since we last saw Selene and Michael battle Vampires and Lycans (werewolves) in order to ensure their own survival and freedom. Now apparently, the humans are hunting both and making them extinct. Both are captured, put on ice for about a decade, and the humans (supposedly) made a child based on their DNA. Movie ensues. It's a typical Underworld movie, with great action, incredible special effects and cool explosions, decent storyline and over-the-top violence. Pretty good plot twists, things I didn't expect. Opposite "alpha beasts" from the first movie. Secret Lycans on top, vampires living in fear in the sewers. Loved the giant lycan, he was in pain when he transformed. Selene's daughter is a little creepy--beautiful when human, looked monsterous when angry--like an old school movie vampire. Speaking of Selene, if you were on the run, would you stick out like a sore thumb and wear all leather? I liked the only vampire they ran into who was on their side, but I don't remember his name. The one thing that really bugged me was they obviously didn't get the same actor who played Michael in the last movies--but he was shown briefly, but it still bugged me. I saw it in 3D, which I normally hate--mostly because of ticket cost and it doesn't seem to pay off. However, one scene it worked in was when a silver grenade was set off. There were silver flecks everywhere!! A really neat effect to see in 3D.


Wow. Probably one of the best movies so far this year, and really original (in certain ways). The trailers (which are great) released made it seem like Cloverfield crossed with X-Men. Three teenage boys gain powers. How cool is that? Drew (a quiet, misfit kid who has no friends and abused by his dad, mom is dying), Matt (Drew's cousin, school outcast who is a philosophy geek) and Steve (overachiever, sports star, future politician) gain psychic powers when they leave a rave and go into a hole in the ground in a field. You don't see everything down there, and the method that they gain their powers is left to your imagination. The unusual part of this movie is that it's all seen through Drew's video camera (and later through another girl's camera, CCTV and surveillance cameras). One annoying aspect of this is that there are several scenes of him alone, floating the camera in the air with his psychic powers. The special effects are great, especially when their powers increase, and especially when they learn to fly. Just some great plot points when Matt's girlfriend discovers he has these powers in a most incredible way. You can really get into the action and you become involved with their lives. They treat their incredible powers matter-of-factly, which is cool when they fly in and out of each other's rooms. The posters are great, and I wish I could draw, because I'd show Drew, quickly going down hill mentally, in his Dad's firefighter suit, causing havoc. Check out this great artist website. Perfect for this generation's YouTube mentality!!!!

5. Super Bowl weekend 1998. Friend-a-versary with RK!!! Loveyoubye!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Oh. My. God.

Thanks, Fuckyeahavengers!!

New Avengers Trailer!!!!! Flippin' awesome. Holy shit, is it May yet???????