Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I Like Thursday

This idea is from my friend RK's blog, wherein she (and a couple of people from other blogs) post the various Things They Like -- on a Thursday, I believe.

I think I'll amend this to Things I'm Thinking Of On A Thursday, however.

1. Saw this performed on an old Saturday Night Live, and dug it.

2. Buffy is pregnant in the comics, doesn't know who the dad is, and will apparently lose an arm soon (maybe that's a metaphor) --that's a lot to handle!! Luckily, as a great writer once said, it's in a comic, for which no idea is too complex. Not sure how I feel about this...

3. Van Halen Concert---less than 2 months and counting!!


5. Heirs to the Throne of Lost: Alcatraz, Person of Interest, and Once Upon A Time. Lots of callbacks to Lost, same actors, directors and producers.

6. Currently reading Candace Millard's Destiny of the Republic, about the assassination of President Garfield. His assassin was a nutjob by the name of Charles Guiteau. This dude was so crazy, so egomaniacal, you have to read it to believe....


  1. Cool. I will show Claire and get you hooked up with Mr. Linky! And you're right, we're geeks in the reading department.

  2. Van Halen? I am mad jealous! Thanks for joining in.