Friday, December 23, 2011

More Lost Episodes! Namaste!!

Episode 6.9 Ab Aeterno

Ricardo Alpert, a spanish slave turned immortal by the mysterious Jacob, crashes on the Island with the Black Rock, a slave ship. This ship plagues the castaways, blowing up unimportant castaways with unstable dynamite, parent-killing con men murders, and attempted suicides. I like this picture, even though it's from another comic series and not Lost. Oh, and Ab Aeterno means "of enternity."

Episode 5.2 The Lie

I like this picture. In the Fifth Season, Hurley and Sayid are on the run from mysterious people trying to kill them and the police. After Sayid is knocked out, Hurley drives them to a gas station and replaces the shirt ruined by ketchup. He buys a "I Love My Shi-Tzu" shirt as a disguise. This is from a picture of the McFarlane Toys Hurley action figure, I just changed the color of his shirt and added the logo. It's pretty funny.

Episode 4.3 The Economist

An episode that kinda pisses me off, but I still like it. Sayid, under orders from Ben to kill an off-island Widmore associate called The Economist. What really pisses me off is that seasons later, we still don't know who the damn Economist was. I like this song by the offbeat band Previously on Lost. It has a Shaft-beat. Once you get past the annoying voices in the beginning, the rest is gravy.

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  1. No pun intended, but I'm totally lost...never seen the show.