Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lost Episodes Seasons 1 & 7

Season 7: "Lost: La Secuela Sudaca"

I tried to translate this, and got two different meanings. Secuela is "sequel," so that's pretty self-explanatory. However, "Sudaca" is either slang for South American (my guess) or is some kind of pejorative term. The pic is from an Argentian account, so it is South American,

I discovered this pic through Flickr, so it's not one of mine, but I like it. I like to imagine that it takes place in the future of the island, a little Season 7 style. I can imagine two of the boys being Charlie Hume (son of Desmond and Penny, who also inherited his father's ability to not only absorb vast amounts of electromagnetism, but also his ability to "break the rules" of time and time travel. Another boy would have to be Aaron Austen, the son of Claire Littleton and her dead-beat boyfriend and the foster son of Kate Austen, who raised him after they left the Island together. He was deemed to be "special" as well. At first I though the dude in the middle with the long hair was a girl, but it's a dude. If it was a girl, I was thinking that could be Ji-Yeon Kwan, the orphaned daughter of Jin and Sun Kwon. The child was conceived on the Island (after Jin was told he couldn't have kids) and was rescued with Sun. Jin was thought dead and when Sun came back to the Island to find her husband, she left Ji-Yeon with her parents. Both Sun and Jin died on the submarine during the war with the Man In Black. Perhaps the teenaged Ji-Yeon is looking for the mysterious Island that both her parents disappeared on. I don't know who the last kid is, maybe somebody new to the Island.

Season 1.14 Special

I made this picture as a homage to a painting I found online of all the episodes.It started off as a screen grab of the comic in the show and a new panel was added with the word "Lost." The mystery of the Polar Bears had a big role during the first season and continued in bits and pieces, finally being solved by stating the Dharma Initiative brought over genetically-engineered polar bears (so they could withstand the heat) and use them for temporal experiments at the Orchid Station.

The comic book is in spanish, and was originally Hurley's, but found by Walt Dawson after the crash. On another note, virtually all the kids listed her are considered "special," either by the Island or others.

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  1. Love the pic! No se lo que significa "la secuela sudaca." I think someone is fucking with us.