Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lost Episodes Seasons 1 & 7

Season 7: "Lost: La Secuela Sudaca"

I tried to translate this, and got two different meanings. Secuela is "sequel," so that's pretty self-explanatory. However, "Sudaca" is either slang for South American (my guess) or is some kind of pejorative term. The pic is from an Argentian account, so it is South American,

I discovered this pic through Flickr, so it's not one of mine, but I like it. I like to imagine that it takes place in the future of the island, a little Season 7 style. I can imagine two of the boys being Charlie Hume (son of Desmond and Penny, who also inherited his father's ability to not only absorb vast amounts of electromagnetism, but also his ability to "break the rules" of time and time travel. Another boy would have to be Aaron Austen, the son of Claire Littleton and her dead-beat boyfriend and the foster son of Kate Austen, who raised him after they left the Island together. He was deemed to be "special" as well. At first I though the dude in the middle with the long hair was a girl, but it's a dude. If it was a girl, I was thinking that could be Ji-Yeon Kwan, the orphaned daughter of Jin and Sun Kwon. The child was conceived on the Island (after Jin was told he couldn't have kids) and was rescued with Sun. Jin was thought dead and when Sun came back to the Island to find her husband, she left Ji-Yeon with her parents. Both Sun and Jin died on the submarine during the war with the Man In Black. Perhaps the teenaged Ji-Yeon is looking for the mysterious Island that both her parents disappeared on. I don't know who the last kid is, maybe somebody new to the Island.

Season 1.14 Special

I made this picture as a homage to a painting I found online of all the episodes.It started off as a screen grab of the comic in the show and a new panel was added with the word "Lost." The mystery of the Polar Bears had a big role during the first season and continued in bits and pieces, finally being solved by stating the Dharma Initiative brought over genetically-engineered polar bears (so they could withstand the heat) and use them for temporal experiments at the Orchid Station.

The comic book is in spanish, and was originally Hurley's, but found by Walt Dawson after the crash. On another note, virtually all the kids listed her are considered "special," either by the Island or others.

Friday, December 23, 2011

More Lost Episodes! Namaste!!

Episode 6.9 Ab Aeterno

Ricardo Alpert, a spanish slave turned immortal by the mysterious Jacob, crashes on the Island with the Black Rock, a slave ship. This ship plagues the castaways, blowing up unimportant castaways with unstable dynamite, parent-killing con men murders, and attempted suicides. I like this picture, even though it's from another comic series and not Lost. Oh, and Ab Aeterno means "of enternity."

Episode 5.2 The Lie

I like this picture. In the Fifth Season, Hurley and Sayid are on the run from mysterious people trying to kill them and the police. After Sayid is knocked out, Hurley drives them to a gas station and replaces the shirt ruined by ketchup. He buys a "I Love My Shi-Tzu" shirt as a disguise. This is from a picture of the McFarlane Toys Hurley action figure, I just changed the color of his shirt and added the logo. It's pretty funny.

Episode 4.3 The Economist

An episode that kinda pisses me off, but I still like it. Sayid, under orders from Ben to kill an off-island Widmore associate called The Economist. What really pisses me off is that seasons later, we still don't know who the damn Economist was. I like this song by the offbeat band Previously on Lost. It has a Shaft-beat. Once you get past the annoying voices in the beginning, the rest is gravy.

Top 5 Christmas Movies you didn't know were Christmas movies

Top 5 Christmas Movies you didn't know were Christmas movies:

5. Lethal Weapon

4. Die Hard

3. Rocky IV

2. Gremlins

1. James Bond 007: Die Another Day. If only for the Denise Richards-played "nuclear physist" Christmas Jones. And if only for the Sean Connery-esque quote "I thought Christmas came once a year" while banging her like a Christmas drum.

Gods, Muppets and Holmes

So I saw another group of movies and didn't put reviews up here in a timely fashion.

First off was Immortals. Clash of the Titans meets 300. Mythology on crack. The actor who will eventually play Superman did a decent job, shows he has the acting and action chops. Not worth it in 3D. The scenes with the gods are my favorite, but they were portrayed as young hot, ab-filled gods. Zeus was an old man. The fighting scenes with them were pretty cool and looked like an old painting. The most uncomfortable parts had to do with Mickey Rourke and the enemy army. In order to join this army, you evidentally have to get scarred, wear a mask and have your manhood smashed to bits by a psycho with a big hammer. Painful. We know this because it happened to a traitor, and the reasons behind this were never really explained. Freida Pinto--an Indian actress, not a tasty mexican platter, is gorgeous in the flick, but her character was little over the map.

The Muppets: One of my favorite TV shows growing up, Jason Segel (the writer and human star) did a great job, but I think he has something for hot redhead elementary school teachers (see both Amy Adams in this flick and How I Met Your Mother--a favorite). I had a smile on my face the whole time! One of my favorite parts is that the Muppets had a cover band performing their hits at dive bars. The Moopets. HA!

Sherlock Holmes II: Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law (now thankfully out of the annoying spotlight after being in like 20 movies in one year and sleeping with his kid's nanny) are great together and have truly encompassed their characters. Stephen Fry as secret agent Mycroft Holmes was brilliant, couldn't have asked for a better actor. I just didn't want to see him partially naked though. The old guy playing his butler was great too. The supposed death of Irene Adler was glossed over a little too much for my taste, as I find Rachel McAdams to be distractingly beautiful and a strong female presence. The flick had its trademark slow motion and fast forward, Matrix-like effects too. There was a dancing scene in the movie but it was so weird, so LSD, fast paced, it was too weird to forget or not mention. As a Sherlock Holmes fan, I knew what was going to happen at Reichenbach Falls, but I liked the way they went about it. The final battle between Holmes and Moriarty takes place entirely in their genius minds, trading punches and strategies. It would have been better if they left the end a little more to the viewer's imaginations. Good flick, but the World War plot has been done before--by the same character (Moriarty) in the under-rated League of Extraordinary Gentlemen flick a few years back.

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