Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lost Season 7

Flashforward didn't last very long, but did have an advertisment for Oceanic Airlines.

Once Upon A Time is a brand new show, made by some of the producers of Lost. The clock tower in the fairy tale town was stuck at 8:15 until Emma came to town.

Person of Interest is a great new show starring the former Ben Linus, Michael Emerson. And, on this surveillance camera shot, the numbers are on the screen.

And, of course, Hurley numbers were featured in a real-life lottery ticket winner!!! Here's that story!!!

Lost is taking over!! Season 7 is all over the place!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Buffy Season 9

One of my favorite artists, Jo Chen, has done another Buffy Season 9 cover. I think it's for the upcoming TPB or hardcover edition. I hate buying hardcovers; they cost a fortune. I will have to investigate....

Edit: New News!! Apparently this is for the hardcover edition of Season 8! Why the hell would I want to buy these twice? And it's only Volume 1....

Friday, November 18, 2011

New Bruce Banner Poster

Sorry, as a rule I hate Perez Hilton, but it's the only clear image I could find on short notice.

Gotta love the new poster they released for the Avengers movie; they're more character posters of each of the Avengers: Hulk, Cap, Thor, Loki, etc. This one of Bruce Banner is very cool--they chose to show Bruce instead of CGI-Hulk. But if you look carefully, he has a green tint to him, kind of like a green light to the side--and I think his eyes are almost green. This is probably my favorite of the new posters--the whole thing is my computer wallpaper.

This is one of my favorite Hulk posters from the awesome movie a few summers back. In that Incredible Hulk, Blonksy takes some kind of super-soldier serum, but it has some serious adverse effects--especially when he combines it with Banner's blood. Since the original super-soldier formula was lost in WWII after transforming skinny Steve Rogers into Captain America, it appears to have been from the same batch, but with different results. The military is trying to create super-soldiers again but unable to without the doctor.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Real Steel Review

Ok, this is one's a long time coming. I just went through 8 days no power and 12 without cable (hence the no internets). So here we go.

Basically Real Steel is the best parts of the triumphant Rocky movies. Down on his luck boxer, looking for his next shot at the title. suddenly has a kid to take care of, indestrutable and impossible to beat opponents, slowly making his way to the top, cute girl waiting for him at home, kid makes him a better man and dad, foreign people with strange accents taking over the sport, "I will break him," makes you want to chant "Rocky Rocky Rocky," or in this case "Atom Atom Atom." A true underdog story with robots.

The Rocky movies made me and my cousin want to beat the shit out of each other everytime we saw them together on TV. Wolverine and Kate from Lost (looking super cute by the way) were good in this flick, if not a little predictable. Like I said, the best parts of the Rocky movies except with robots. Boxing. The kid dancing with Atom was a good hook, and the end where Wolverine takes over Atom, with Atom mimicking his shadowboxing movements is an awesome feel-good part of the flick.

Oh, and the new Ultimate Spider-Man with Miles is really good, I've been keeping up with it at work every month. The new Evanesence album is good too.