Friday, August 5, 2011

The Star-Spangled Man and The Boy Who Lived

Due to the immense heat we were having in my part of the US, I went to see TWO movies in about a week, since they had the almighty AC. So, I saw Captain America and the new and last Harry Potter.

First off is Cap. I love the poster above, it looks like the old WWII War Bond posters, which it's supposed to. They also had this great USO music with Captain America, that as a friend put it, made him want to out and buy war bonds. First off is the actor Chris Evans. In Fantastic Four, he was brilliant as the Human Torch--sarcastic, cocky, everything Chris Evans is known for playing. But, he took the film anyway away from my future wife Jessica Alba. I never expected him to be so good as Captain America. The only thing that bothered me about his performance is the scenes with him being super-skinny Steve Rogers. His head was so enormous on a skinny tiny body, that it was distracting. But, the SFX guys seemed to have gotten better at it during certain scenes. Tommy Lee Jones played his usual tough-guy bad-ass General. Hugo Weaving is great as Red Skull, but I prefered him when he had the regular-skin mask on. Red Skull is all about Hugo Weaving's Agent Smith voice. Oh, and HER. Her part (and acting) in the movie wasn't all that spectacular or mind-blowing, but the pictures I've seen afterwards sure are. The whole movie is set in World War II, with a Great Escape about halfway through the flick. Cap is a soldier, after all. Who kills, not just throws a shield to knock them out. His shield is a great symbol, by the way. The parts where Steve is put in the USO doesn't make a lot of sense, given he is America's first Super-Soldier. Looking back now, though, it kinda does. It was either that or becoming a lab rat. But the second half makes up for it, but not nearly enough derring-do and explosions.

It sets up the new Avengers movie perfectly: Brodsky from the last Hulk movie takes the same formula as the Captain, but with more disastrous consequences, Howard Stark is Tony's father from the Iron Man movies, and it has Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson. The ending has a Joss Whedon Avengers trailer, however brief. Oh, and if you look carefully during the Stark Expo in the beginning of the flick, there is the original Human Torch (an android in the WWII-era comics) in the center of the pavillion.

Harry Potter was good too, with an end to the whole Voldemort/Harry Potter rivalry. Neville Longbottom was my hero in this flick, finally becoming a bad-ass with a sword after all the movies with him being a clumsy, awkward British kid with big ears. Draco Malfoy didn't turn out to be a big villain like everybody thought he'd be from his past behavior. He's just a bully with a big mouth. He did get an awkward hug from Voldemort though---Youtube that shit, it's hilarious! Lot's of magic and action, it's all from the book (which is usually better). Ron and Hermione (I actually never knew how to pronounce her name until the movie came out) finally get together. The final "19-years later" scene worked better in the book, but it was a fitting coda to a great franchise.

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  1. What do you mean he took it from Jessica Alba? Just curious...