Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Back (kinda) from the Dead (kinda)

I realized I don't keep with this new-fangled bloggy-thingy as much as I should. As a front-runner in the Mayoral race for President, I promise to do better.

So, The Mechanic sucked. It didn't move fast enough, and the action scenes were really few and far between, plus didn't really provide enough action anyways--a little predictable and yawn-inspiring. Usually Jason Statham is a great action star, but this wasn't his role. I hope to see Sucker-Punch for my birfday when it comes out. Looks like a really trippy dream-sequence, and the director Zack Snyder does that kind of stuff well.

I found this Lost-inspired picture online, and I thought it was by Mike Mignola, who created Hellboy. Apparently, it looks like it was just influenced by him. Done by a guy named Thomas Kovach.


  1. Hellboy was a really good film, just a random note in there

  2. The original version of "Mechanic" with Charles Bronson and Jan Michael Vincent is the movie to see.

    Whatever was lost in the remake can be found in the original.

  3. Cool! If you were dead, was your evil zombie twin texting me? :)