Saturday, December 4, 2010

Faster of Puppets

See, that was a Metallica reference for you...

Anyhoo, I saw Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in Faster the other night, and the Rock is trying to get back into the action movie game! It's about revenge, forgiveness, family, deception, the past, personal hells, and of course, a big dude in a muscle car with a freakin' hand cannon for a gun...

The flick centers on three main characters: Driver (Johnson), a guy who just got out of prison after serving 10 years. Before that, he was almost killed by a gang of criminals who wanted to rip off his brother and he after pulling a bank robbery. The Rock plays a guy so bad-ass, other bad-asses won't mess with him. He doesn't have too many lines. Cop (played by a particulary scum-baggy Billy Bob Thornton) who chases after him. Cop--not called by name until the end of the movie--is addicted to heroin, smokes too much, not liked by anyone, divorced with a kid, and 10 days away from retirement. Maybe it's the inner detective in me, but I had an idea about the relationship between these two about halfway through. But it was still cool to see. And Killer. Killer's a former software millionnaire who becomes a hitman while apparently bored with his existence--he's conquered everything else including yoga. We later learn that he charges only a dollar for these contract killings. His girlfriend is played by former Lost star Maggie Grace--and she's never looked better on screen (actuall there's two Lost stars--including Mr. Eko). It also helps she doesn't wear very much throught the movie. But I digress.

Lots of action, shooting and bad-assery is involved in the viewing of this flick. Like I said, I sort of figured out the connections between two of the main characters about half way through, but I wanted to see if I was right. The main back story is told through video, photos, flashbacks, but you eventually get the whole picture--I like the way that was done. The poster's tag line (up above) is "slow justice is no justice," which is really cheesey and cheapens the cool image. The tattoos on his arm represents a running tally of dudes he's taken out in prison (in self defense, of course). When somebody in the know sees these tats, they run the other way. It won't win any academy awards, but as usual, The Rock's charisma carried the flick.

Now, as for the previews, it was the usual stuff except for not one, but two Nicolas Cage movies. And they both look awful. In one, he escaped from hell and going after some dude who took his daughter. Bad lines, bad acting. Not even the hot girl in the poster can save this piece of crap. I don't think he's made a good movie since Con Air or The Rock. The other movie is some medieval thing where he's saving people from hell (I think). Oh, and there's something about a witch.

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  1. I must use "bad-assery" in a sentence sometime soon!