Saturday, December 18, 2010

Checkin' back in...

So, how did those fictional characters influence you? Excellent question, RK....

They mostly represent periods in my life...Encyclopedia Brown, Optimus Prime, and MacGuyver were all from the '80's, being the decade of my childhood. So was Bert and Ernie and the Hardy Boys. Most of the people on this list are detectives or in some kind of mystery-type deal. I still continue to be a huge fan of Star Wars and the X-Men. I thought Ms. Havisham from Great Expectations was interesting in high school, and I've read Robert B. Parker's Spenser series since I was a kid. The stuff from today include Lost and the Dresden Files book series.

Be sure to check out the Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode III special tomorrow night!!

Merry Christmas and I hope I put the ho-ho-ho back in your holiday!!

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  1. I totally forgot about posting about this...but I also haven't come up with any characters that influenced me!