Sunday, August 15, 2010

What If? Lost Season 7 Episode 8: Wallace

So I was inspired by this great but simple design over at Fro Design by Moses Lee about their fake Lost Season 7 and Wallace. So who is Wallace? Who the hell knows?

I'll let Lostpedia explain:

"Wallace is the surname of a person found on the dial in the lighthouse. He/she is listed as the number 108, but the name is crossed out. Jacob, through Hurley, gave Jack directions to turn the lighthouse compass bearing to 108, although Jacob in the end seemed to care little about the bearing itself and more about Jack learning of the lighthouse."

The number 108 is the combination of every one of the special numbers throughout the show: 4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108. The numbers and names on the lighthouse dial represents the different candidates that may take Jacob's place as the protector of the Island. Some of the names, like Shepard and Jarrah we know, but others like Thompson and Wallace we don't. Also, if the Swan Station's computer counted down to 108 and the numbers weren't entered, then you have a catastrophic event take place. Also, the episode "Lighthouse" was episode 108 of the series. Wallace may have been important since Jacob was originally going to have Hurley turn the lighthouse towards his numbers. But the dude's crossed out! He's no longer a candidate, but ghost Jacob did state that that didn't really matter if you wanted the job.

For some reason, people have been really excited about this mysterious "Wallace." He really latched on for just being a scratched-out name on a dial. Well, in my fake Season 7, Wallace gets his own damn episode!

Lost Season 7 Episode 8: Wallace

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