Friday, August 13, 2010

WE ARE SEX BOB-OMB!!! 1-2-3-4!!!

Just saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Literally. Only got back a few hours ago, had some crappy Wendy's burger, and went on the ol' computer.

At first I wanted the whole soundtrack, but it seemed a little too indy-rock pretentious for me. I'll probably just get the individual songs that I liked. Most soundtracks sound better in the movie than the actual CD itself. Take Pump up the Volume. Great movie, the music was awesome, old Beastie Boys, old punk tunes. The soundtrack: sucked. It was all remaked versions of these great songs and they didn't even have permission to put the originals on the soundtrack.

But I digress. Scott Pilgrim was great!! Just like the graphic novels, down to the printed sound effects. Bassist and slacker Scott Pilgrim must defeat his new girlfriend Ramona's Seven Evil Exes (as it is brought up multiple times in the movie). It played like a video game, with coins, power-ups, etc. A lot of laugh-out-loud parts. Made me want to pick up a bass (guitar, not fish). First time I ever saw a Michael Cera movie in the theater--he usually plays the same character over and over again, but this time it works for him because he is Scott Pilgrim. Fun movie, a plot not to be taken seriously. I also like the posters a lot: Oh, hey here they are.

I'm gonna give you two versions of this great song only because I love to hear Allison Pill yell "We are Sex Bob-omb!" multiple times.

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