Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Lost Episodes

Episode 5.13: Some Like It Hoth

Get the wordplay there? So our castaways are still stuck in Dharma Times, back in 1977. Sawyer's group, including Miles, have been members of the Dharma Initiative for about threeyears. Hurley, newly arrived, decides to write George Lucas' Star Wars masterpiece, The Empire Strikes Back. The episode in general is about Miles' life and his ability to "kinda talk" to the dead.

This episode immediately made me think of a TaunTaun toy on the beach.

What If Episode from Season 7, Henry Gale

When our castaways first meet the nefarious Ben Linus, leader of the Others, he is claiming to be one Henry Gale from Minnesota. His backstory is that he crashed on the Island while on a balloon ride. There was even a destroyed balloon on the Island, right where he said it was. The actual balloon ride was sponsored by our favorite fast food restaurant, Mr. Cluck's (hence the logo). Unfortunately, the real Henry Gale is not from the Wizard Of Oz, he's a dead and buried black man on the Island. Ben, being the bastard he is, proceeds to sow mistrust and everything bad that goes along with it. Somehow he survives torture, gunshot wounds, being made to dig your own grave and a massive amount of beatings throughout the series.

This pic is once again from Fro Design's Season 7 prints.

Epilogue: The New Man In Charge

So I purchased the brand-spankin' new Season 6 set yesterday at Best Buy. I went home, and while feasting on Grade D Delicious tacos from The Bell, watched the much-anticipated 20 minute Epilogue, The New Man in Charge. And it was awesome. On the series finale, Ben and Hurley are on the Island with Desmond while everybody else escapes death and/or abandonment. Hurley became the new Jacob as the Protector of the Island, and Ben became his number 2, an advisor. The epilogue opens up on a Dharma warehouse in Guam, where these two poor saps have been putting Dharma-products on a pallett to be air-dropped on the island. Ben comes to relieve them on their duties (since both Ben and Hurley are able to come and go from the Island, one assumes that Desmond has as well, rejoining his wife and kid). Ben shows them the Dharma Orientation video for the Hydra, explaining polar bears, Room 23, aliases, birth troubles, and a host of others. The Epilogue then takes us to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, where Hurley and Libby once stayed as patients. But who's there now? WAAAAALLLLTTT!!! Yes, Michael's son Walt. He was told he was special, the Others kidnapped him and let him go, and he left the Island, seemingly forgotten by all. But here is at a Mental Hospital, when Hurley and Ben told him he has work to do on the Island, to help his Dad. His Dad, by the way, is dead, but Hurley can see him, restless on the Island. This show probably could have done several more seasons with this as the premise, but it was not meant to be. It ended on a great note, by the way.

Episode 5.13: Some Like It Hoth

What If Episode from Season 7: Henry Gale

Epilogue: The New Man In Charge

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