Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Holy crap, I saw the new flick Predators and really liked it!!!

Okay, so a bunch of soldiers and killers wake up on an alien game preserve, parachuting from the sky. There's Adrian Brody as a mercenary and general bastard. For some reason, women LOVE this guy. I don't see it, but what do I know. He also has this wicked cool weapon and figures out what's going on, as well as a logical assessment of what they're dealing with. There's a woman sniper, a death row inmate, a Russian soldier with a mini-gun (a la "Ol' Painless" from the first Predator), a Yakuza guy with two missing fingers (who later finds a katana for a kick ass sword fight with a Predator), some African soldier and a doctor. Yeah, the "doctor" is played by Topher Grace, seems kind of out of place but provides some laughs and later, some intricate role. I unfortunately found out about him months before I saw the movie but it didn't interfere. Oh, and a dude I will dub "Machete" because the trailer for that flick was in the previews right before and it's played by the same guy -- Danny Trejo. And Laurence Fishburne is in it as well, although briefly. The trailers made him seem like this bad-ass dude who has been killing predators and stealing their gear. Nah, he's just shitbird insane.

They do reference the original Predator, and thank God not the second Aliens Vs. Predator movie. The sniper recalls a black ops mission in Guatemala where the group was wiped out one by one, survived only by Ah-nold. Also, the Little Richard song played over the end credits is the same song played by that group while flying over the Guatemalan jungle.

The Predator is also different: seems the one we're used to seeing is only one of the Predator species. There's a bigger, badder kind as well--the one we see has used bone in customizing his armor. There's also these crazy attack dog-creatures and some kind of cool, stealthy, unmanned robot drone that attaches to the Predator's backs. Very neat.

Just a fun, down and dirty action movie.

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  1. I'm into fun, down and dirty...just not with aliens ;)