Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lost Episode 3.14 Expose

I'm getting back to these!!

Lost Episode 3.14 Exposé

This is the episode most people hate, but it cracks me up. It sorta introduces Nikki and Paolo to the Lost universe. They had been sudden background characters with speaking lines in the last several episodes. But the thing that I really love about the episode is the fake show-within-a-show, Exposé! I really like the image I created for this episode. It's from this site: Paul Goodwin Designs. If you look carefully, below the TV is the famous picture of Desmond and Penny. It's covering up the previous photo in that frame.

Essentially, Exposé is a cheesey, exploitative show about girls who are strippers at night, but also by night they're detectives. Yeah, you read that right. Strippers and detectives. Oh, and "Corvette's" famous catch-phrase: "RAZZLE DAZZLE!" That cracked me up.They're lead by the suave stripclub owner Mr. LaShade. Their arch-enemy is the mysterious Cobra. Yet, the twist is Mr. LaShade and Cobra are the same person---Billy Dee Williams!!! Yeah, just as awesome as it sounds.

The other crazy thing about this episode is that Nikki and Paolo stole diamonds from their employer after killing him and take off on Oceanic 815. However, it crashes but Nikki is still obsessed with greed and her diamonds. She paralyzes Paolo with a Medusa spider but gets bit herself. As a result, she's paralyzed as she reaches the remaining castaways. They think she's dead and proceed to bury both her and Paolo alive.

Lost Episode 3.14 Exposé

Oh, somebody even made sneakers devoted to this episode and the fake show!

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  1. V. cool...but why does she have to get shot? I used to have a coat just like that but I gave it away 'cause I thought it looked like I was a stripper ;)