Friday, July 2, 2010

El Joy de Plastico

So RK asked me to do this meme:

Plastic Joy:

In my award acceptance speech I have to name 5 people I'd like to get jiggy with if I could, and apparently, my partner won't get mad and kill me with a shot gun.

So, I currently possess no partner, so therefore no death by shotgun. At least not yet. I usually don't do this kind of meme only because...

eh, I don't know.

So here are my five that I would slam the nickels out of:

1. Jessica Alba: I have always been in love with Ms. Alba. She is my future wife. The whole husband and kid thing? This is Hollywood, baby!! Who cares?

2. Miranda Kerr: Yeah, I know it's cliche to put a Victoria's Secret model in this type of list, but I .don't care. She has all the parts I like and has a killer accent.

3. Kari Byron: This one's kinda weird. She's on Mythbusters and makes SCIENCE sexy. And apparently I have a thing for redheads.

4. Christina Hendricks: Shit, I don't even watch Mad Men, but she was on Firefly and about every magazine cover I've ever seen. She's also built like a brick shithouse (as my father used to say) and I love that. And, oh look, another redhead.

5. Kat Dennings: This last one's kinda weird, but I got a thing for her.


For accent and smile alone: Billie Piper from Doctor Who.
'Nuff said, I've embarrassed myself enough.

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  1. Geeeeeeeez! Slam the nickels? Never heard you talk like that!