Monday, May 24, 2010

Episode 1.01: Pilot / Episode 6.17: The End

Lost ended last night with a bang. Everybody you wanted to get together got together, but in a bittersweet way. After 6 years, the show is over. Wow.
This image represents the way the series started and the way it ended. The opening scene of Pilot was that of Jack Shepard's eye opening suddenly after being ejected from the crashing Oceanic 815. The End, last night's finale episode, ended with Jack's eye closing as he died, protecting the Island. I would have done this shot myself with my own eye, but my camera's batteries died.

In-freaking-tense episode, maybe one of the best....

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  1. Pictures go so well with your post! BTW, I took today off and got a manicure...and my finger tips are jade green, just like the side of your blog ;)