Monday, May 24, 2010

Episode 1.01: Pilot / Episode 6.17: The End

Lost ended last night with a bang. Everybody you wanted to get together got together, but in a bittersweet way. After 6 years, the show is over. Wow.
This image represents the way the series started and the way it ended. The opening scene of Pilot was that of Jack Shepard's eye opening suddenly after being ejected from the crashing Oceanic 815. The End, last night's finale episode, ended with Jack's eye closing as he died, protecting the Island. I would have done this shot myself with my own eye, but my camera's batteries died.

In-freaking-tense episode, maybe one of the best....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Lost Goodness!

So, I've been gone from this blog for a while, a bit lazy, a bit busy, I'll admit....


In honor of the LOST SERIES FINALE tomorrow night, I have decided to put up not one, not two, but THREE representations of episodes!!!

Episode 5.9: Namaste

So, some of our castaways are stuck in 1977 Dharma-times. Time travel, y'know? "Namaste" is kinda their catchphrase, what they say at the end of their Orientation Videos, etc. The Dharma Initiative is made up of former hippies, but are wiped out the Hostiles, the Island's Indigenous Inhabitants (The Others).

This particular picture was taken last year in Portland, Maine whilst traveling from a friend's wedding.

Episode 6.15: Across the Sea

Not one of my favorite episodes, but it did introduce some crucial Island mythology with Jacob and uhm... Jacob's Brother. AKA The Man in Black, AKA Fake Locke. Island CJ Cregg couldn't even name his brother, even though she obviously loved him more!!! This picture is of the book Bad Twin. It was released several years ago as part of the Lost Alternate Reality Game (ARG) but didn't live up to the Lost creator's expectations. It was an okay book. I picked this because Jacob and the Man in Black are twin brothers, one good and one evil. I don't know if Damon and Carlton did this because they knew what was going to happen on the series or what... Also, the "author" of the book is Gary Troup, an anagram for "Purgatory." He's sucked into the engine during the Pilot episode. Sawyer and Hurley later find his manuscript for Bad Twin and begin reading it. Bad Twin Synopsis.

Episode 1.4 Walkabout

The episode that made me love this show! It had twists and unexpected turns. It followed John Locke as he tried to go on an Australian Walkabout, but he is denied. The reason? He's in a wheelchair. Up into that point, you never knew he was in a wheelchair.

This was one of the posters for the ARG for this season. It's a poster by Olly Steed. Very cool, very retro.

Episode 1.4: Walkabout
Episode 6.15: Across the Sea
Episode 5.9: Namaste