Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Episode 3.6: "I Do"

In the episode "I Do," Kate marries Nathan Fillion's character, who is a Miami Dade Police Officer. However, he has no idea that she's a fugitive (later an international fugitive) and has completely lied to him. Meanwhile, in present Island time, Kate, Sawyer and Jack have been kidnapped by the Others. Kate and Sawyer are held in the old Dharma Initiative's Polar Bear cages, and after many head games and fishbiscuits, have sex in them. Good times.

Nathan Fillion is an actor well known to Joss Whedon fans. He's Captain Hammer in the Doctor Horrible webshow, Mal Reynolds in Serenity and some evil mysoginistic priest in the final season of Buffy. The two pictures I chose are from comic books of two of those shows, created by Adam Huges and Gene Ha. There's also part of the movie poster from Caged Heat, an infamous chick prison movie from the '70's.

Episode 3.6 "I Do."

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