Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lost Episode 3.22: Through the Looking Glass

The final episode for Season 3 ended with a bang. Charlie Pace learned he was going to die from a prophetic Desmond a few episodes before this one. As a result, he is now at peace with that. He volunteers to go to the mysterious underwater Looking Glass Station and turn off the device that is jamming all communications from the Island. See, there's this freighter off shore, but our survivors can't communicate with them because of the Others. Desmond and everybody else thinks that it's Desmond's girlfriend's Penny's boat (get all that?), but it's not. Charlie finds that out at the last possible moment, before barricading himself in the communications room before it explodes, rushing water inside the Station. He writes that on his hand, telling Desmond before he drowns.

And yes, that's my hand. It's a popular thing to do on Flickr if you're a Lost fan. I wanted to do it too for this project.

Charlie dies. But the most recent episode had a possible way out of this. Did everything get rewound? A recent clip from ABC showed Dominic "Charlie" Monaghan playing foosball with cheeseballs from Desperate Housewives and other drivel. But at the end, he says that he died, but is back again. And the 2009 Comic-Con (which I would have loved to go to), he came on stage with a message on his hand: "Am I still alive?" Monaghan is also on the new show FlashForward.


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  1. You really wrote it on your hand?! I can think of a few things I'd write.