Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Stuff

Hello--so things have been crazy around D-Land, but never fear, things are still on track.

Saw some flicks I want to share. Hopefully, I'll be seeing District 9 tomorrow.

Push: Not a half-bad flick, not as horrific as I thought it would be. It's about super-humans who can do all sorts of psychic stuff. Note to movie makers: please stop naming your precogs (people who can see into the future) Cassandra. I get it already! Sniffers, Watchers, all sorts of nifty nicknames for these guys, with a big, all mighty secret organization running the whole show. I get the feeling the studio didn't have too much faith in this movie--it didn't do all that well at the box-office I believe, and now they're pairing it up with some Nick Cage crapfest, not bothering to advertise it on its own merits on DVD. The ending ran almost like a TV show, to be continued next week. Chris Pine, who was great as the Human Torch in The Fantastic Four movie (with my future wife, Jessica Alba) stars in it. The plot line runs all over the place, but wasn't too bad.

Tropic Thunder: This is supposed to be Ben Stiller's main, big-time movie. He just plays the same character he always plays: The dumb-ass egomaniac who somehow makes it through. Derek Zoolander or the gym owner from Dodgeball could have been subsitituted for this character. The flick is about a bunch of spoiled actors working on a Vietnam-era action movie are dumped in the middle of the jungle, up against real bad guys. Some parts had me laughing out loud. Robert Downey jr. continues his acting comeback with a hilarious character who's "a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude." I'm not sure if I want to drink Alpa Chino's (sound it out) energy drink, "Booty Sweat," but that's pretty funny. Tom Cruise was also in this movie, as a movie exec. I almost didn't recognize him because he's in heavy prosthetics, but he completely steps out of his Tom Cruise role and becomes a completely different person--swearing, immoral, dancing.

...I honestly can't remember the other movies I saw recently. Guess they weren't that memorable (even if it was a few weeks ago). Still haven't seen GI Joe, very scared of the accelerator suits. Maybe on video. Maybe.

What's up with the new Halloween 2 movie? Why is Michael Myers 10 feet tall? I hate this "torture porn" shit everybody's coming out with: Hostel, Last House on the Left, take your pick.

Go read Vacation Assassination by Sarah Vowell. It's so good. As my boss put it, it's like reading American History as written by the Daily Show writers. Right now, I'm reading one of my favorite Star Wars authors, Karen Traviss: Order 66. It's about some ARC, Special Ops Troopers and Mandalorians. Too bad she said she's only writing one more of these Republic Commando books--it's a damn shame. They really invigorated my love of Star Wars books.

Oh, I plan to create more Lost pics, hopefully people are looking at them and enjoying them--pass it around!!! What' do you think of them? Let me know!

Also, I want to post some more Buffy Season 8 stuff, as there is a new trade paperback coming out. We might find out the secret identity of Twilight. No, not the annoying and sparkily book franchise that girls at my store (customers, not employees) are crazy about--he's like a 200 year old creepy pasty sparkling vampire dude who's stalking a 15 year old idiot girl!!! Does nobody else see this. Besides, Angel and Buffy did it first and (hopefully) it wasn't as creepy....


  1. I think you should call this "Mike D's movie and TV blog." Hey, you remember that character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Mike TV? :P

  2. On the subject of Push , it was a sequel to Jump only with better actors, slightly better plot, more diverse powers, and by different writers in a different it wasn't really, but if you saw Jump you know what I mean...same basic plot line in both, down to the bad guy.

    GI Joe is a horrible GI Joe franchise movie but a fun action if you can get past the idiocy of teh accelerator suit nonsense it is fairly entertaining, if not particularly subtle...except the guy who plays the evil doctor who apparently thought Dominic West's view of Jigsaw in Punisheer:Warzone was brilliant...*sigh* so sad.