Friday, July 31, 2009

Lost Episode 3.15 Left Behind

One of my favorite Kate-centric episodes, it deals with Kate meeting Sawyer's ex-girlfriend/con victim Cassidy. We found out that Kate Austin was wanted in the pilot episode and who she killed (her father/stepfather). From her mugshot, I created this Wanted poster.

But, did the explosion at the Hatch really change history? The "America's Most Wanted" clip at this year's Comic-Con shows that Kate's still wanted and that she killed her father's plumbing apprentice in their office, not her father. But we saw her blow up his house with him inside! Crazy!

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  1. Again, I'm like the only person in America who hasn't seen (fill in the blank) show. I think you're missing your true calling though, you'd be a great critic!