Monday, July 13, 2009


Saw a bunch of new movies I've never seen before, courtesy of Blockbuster (so I'm not on Netflicks yet, okay?). Also saw a trailer for Megan Fox's new movie where she gets to look hot while eating high school boys. Megan Fox looks like she's in high school like....Dick Cheney does. 21 Jumpstreet this ain't. The movie itself looks incredibly stupid with some funny lines. It's just a trailer to show how hot the studio execs thinks she is. Still very apprehensive about the GI Joe movie coming out. Accelerator suits? We'll have to see. Haven't seen the new Transformers either. I usually don't pay attention to the movie reviewers (I think Ebert got bought by the studios decades ago), but NOBODY seems to enjoy this flick. I may wait until video until one of my friends wants to see it....

Fanboys: I've been waiting to see this flick for a while. As a die-hard Star Wars fan, I've heard about this movie being made for the past several years. Four friends (later joined by the adorable Kristin Bell) and Star Wars geeks make a journey to the Skywalker Ranch to see a rough cut of Episode 1 in 1998. They did it so their friend with terminal cancer can see this movie before he dies.The cancer storyline was almost cut out of the movie, which would have just made these guys a bunch of felons. A fun movie, with a lot of SW references.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno: I'm a big Kevin Smith fan, but I never got a chance to see this flick in theatres, I believe it was when I was incredibly ill. 2 roommates are broke and decide to make a porno in order to pay the bills. Now, I've never seen a Katie Morgan porno before, but she's actually a decent actress. Former porn star-turned good legitimate acctress Traci Lords is also in it. So is Jason Mewes, Jay from Jay and Silent Bob. I saw Kevin Smith live a few months back and he described a scene where Mewes is buck, full-frontal naked in the movie. It lives up to his description and is hilarious. The scene where lifelong friends Zack and Miri (Seth Rogan and Elizabeth Banks) finally have sex in their porn flick is probably one of the best, emotional scenes Smith has ever filmed. Many laugh out loud moments about Porn. Hilarious.

Punisher War Zone: I still prefer the first one with Thomas Jane (not Dolph Lundgren), but this was a decent enough flick. Hyper violent, over the top. It does seem like it was written by longtime violence expert and Punisher comic scribe Garth Ennis. The acting by the two sociopaths, Jigsaw and his brother Loony Bin Jim (a great frickin' name for a villain) was really out there and they fed off each other's insanity. The guy who played the Punisher really looked like he stepped out of a Tim Bradshaw painting.

Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans: Wow, what a piece of something this was. Completely unnnecesary and really didn't add to the previous mythology. I'm still trying to figure out if I liked it or not, or if it was even good....


  1. I've had Fanboys on my Netflicks queue (yes, I'm one of THOSE) for a while - I'm moving it up.

    I'm going to have to rent Zack & Miri and watch it at a friend's or my teenagers will end up watching it. They may be mature but they're not THAT mature!

  2. I *loved* Zack and Miri! I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt within the first hour.

  3. PS: I left you a present on my blog this morning!!