Sunday, June 7, 2009

Odds 'N Ends, Mofo!

So, I decided just to post some shit I've been thinking about, or doing, whatevah...

  • Been listening to Green Day's new album, 21st Century Breakdown. I'm not digging it as much as American Idiot (one of my all-time favorites) but I'm only half-way through. Little too soft in some spots, but a little more hard-rockin' by the "Second Act."

  • Reading Guillermo Del Toro's new hardcover trilogy The Strain. It's about a vampire attack in the NYC. Really good read, keeps you going. These vampire's don't sparkle...

  • David Carradine, Kwai-Chang Caine, died this week. Apparently it's from auto-erotic asphyxiation. As they said about Mulder on the X-Files, that ain't a dignified way to go out--especially at 72. During college, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues was my favorite show. Loved it. He'll be missed.

  • This was posted on Flickr a while back, I just happened to find it. Arnold Rimmer (from the great British show Red Dwarf, was a hammond organ music fan. Somebody apparently found an album at a flea market or something.

  • I'm really enjoying Buffy Season 8. It's not a TV show anymore, but a comic book. Since I don't really read comics anymore, I have to wait for the graphic novels. They rock. Recently had a conversation at work with my fellow geeks, and we all agree that Spike is a bad-ass.

  • I'm also looking forward to the new Umbrella Academy TPB. It's called Dallas, written by the guy who sings for My Chemical Romance. Cool cover. By the way, the little boy holding the rifle isn't a little boy, he's a time-traveling 60-something year old trapped in that body.

  • Finally, when I was back up at school for some classes, I found a brochure for a frat event that had a cartoon Sgt. Slaughter!! I also answered a trivia question about Bell Biv Devoe. Beat that!

  • I also have finally decided to see the new Star Trek, so I'll have something on that soon...


  1. You talk about will love Star Trek!

  2. Wow, busy busy!

    I will wait to chat about my Star Trek thoughts until you post yours.