Monday, June 15, 2009

Live Long and Prosper (or Something)

You can spin the dreidel with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock--both Jewish!! (Just a little Adam Sandler for ya!)

So, after pretty much everybody I know going to see the new Star Trek movie, I finally gave in and went to see it myself. Damn good action movie. Most enjoyable. Was it the best movie of the summer so far? Probably not, but was up there.

Now, let me say: I have never been a HUGE Star Trek fan. Yes, I liked The Next Generation in high school and college, and even followed DS9 and Voyager for a short time. I think I even wrote "Star Trek" in my high school yearbook, but that was only because I needed something else to say, or those "inspirational" words you put under your picture wouldn't have looked complete. I'm crazy that way. The only other Star Trek movie I saw in the theater was the one with the Borg. So, I other words--I know enough to get by....

Like I said, damn good action movie. Kid Kirk, as he is called, played by the last surviving psycho brother from Smokin' Aces, is admirably played. A bit of juvenile delinquent (even so far as dumping a "vintage" car off a mountain--you can't really call it vintage if you have a 22nd Century phone-and-sound-system in it). He even bangs a green chick. I can't see how he got into Starfleet with a record--it is a military institution after all. He had some good comic relief scenes too. He got choked every five scenes--how is he still alive? What I liked was that Kirk and Spock weren't friends yet--they wouldn't be.

Ain't no joke/I got a head full of logic and a nose full of coke!

Spock was awesomely played by Zack Quinto, or Sylar as I like to call him. He played the character with surprising emotion. He's the only vulcan that can make "Live Long and Prosper" sound like the equivalent of "fuck you" to the Vulcan High Council. Wyonna Ryder is his mom! He's also (spoiler alert) having a relationship with---Uhura!! Who I believe is his student at the Academy--kinda the future way of banging your professor in college. Having future Spock--Leonard Nimoy--come in tied the whole thing together.
Anyway, Bones is a divorced, bitter doctor. Pretty much used every McCoy-ism in Star Trek history, but done tongue-in-cheek. Scotty was on the nose, too. Just a little more updated. His little buddy was hilarious, sitting on stuff (you'd have to see the flick to figure what I mean by this). The only characters I didn't think were used well were the Romulan villans. Their backstory was hurried through. What did they do for 25 years? Time travel, Star Trek style is ALWAYS confusing.

All the action scenes were awesome, really made you gasp and use the end of your seat waiting to find out what happened. The best space battle scenes since Star Wars. Great fighting. Sulu with an extendable fencing rapier was clever. A really good summer action movie, this could be another Star Trek franchise. It technically takes place in another reality, so anything's possible. I recommend it, even if you haven't seen the other flicks.

I have sudden urge for White Castle.

Come vith me if you vant to live.


  1. Glad you liked it (after all of Riot Kitty's hype!)

    I LOVED it that Spock was so conflicted. And got the hot girl. I do like me a sexy smart man...

  2. I loved it! And I'm not a trekkie - just a fan of good, silly action movies ;0