Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh Baby Can't You See

...I want to be a dead celebrity!!

Okay, so I just made that one up. Not a real song, but you can try to search for it on YouTube or something. Apparently, in addition to David Carradine, Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, now celebrity pitchman Billy Mays is dead!!

Jesus Christ, this ain't a good month to be a minor/C-List celebrity. These guys always die in threes, so now that's 5!

Seriously though, this is awful. I loved that guy! Probably cared more about that than Michael Jackson's death. Yes, he was a great and influential artist. Thriller was the first tape I ever asked my Mom for. Let's face it though, MJ was a bit of a freak and possible child molester. Haven't really even thought of the guy. RIP, King O' Pop. Europeans really loved you. They like cried over your really big statue back in the day.

And RIP Billy Mays. I want to buy some OxyClean.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Live Long and Prosper (or Something)

You can spin the dreidel with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock--both Jewish!! (Just a little Adam Sandler for ya!)

So, after pretty much everybody I know going to see the new Star Trek movie, I finally gave in and went to see it myself. Damn good action movie. Most enjoyable. Was it the best movie of the summer so far? Probably not, but was up there.

Now, let me say: I have never been a HUGE Star Trek fan. Yes, I liked The Next Generation in high school and college, and even followed DS9 and Voyager for a short time. I think I even wrote "Star Trek" in my high school yearbook, but that was only because I needed something else to say, or those "inspirational" words you put under your picture wouldn't have looked complete. I'm crazy that way. The only other Star Trek movie I saw in the theater was the one with the Borg. So, I other words--I know enough to get by....

Like I said, damn good action movie. Kid Kirk, as he is called, played by the last surviving psycho brother from Smokin' Aces, is admirably played. A bit of juvenile delinquent (even so far as dumping a "vintage" car off a mountain--you can't really call it vintage if you have a 22nd Century phone-and-sound-system in it). He even bangs a green chick. I can't see how he got into Starfleet with a record--it is a military institution after all. He had some good comic relief scenes too. He got choked every five scenes--how is he still alive? What I liked was that Kirk and Spock weren't friends yet--they wouldn't be.

Ain't no joke/I got a head full of logic and a nose full of coke!

Spock was awesomely played by Zack Quinto, or Sylar as I like to call him. He played the character with surprising emotion. He's the only vulcan that can make "Live Long and Prosper" sound like the equivalent of "fuck you" to the Vulcan High Council. Wyonna Ryder is his mom! He's also (spoiler alert) having a relationship with---Uhura!! Who I believe is his student at the Academy--kinda the future way of banging your professor in college. Having future Spock--Leonard Nimoy--come in tied the whole thing together.
Anyway, Bones is a divorced, bitter doctor. Pretty much used every McCoy-ism in Star Trek history, but done tongue-in-cheek. Scotty was on the nose, too. Just a little more updated. His little buddy was hilarious, sitting on stuff (you'd have to see the flick to figure what I mean by this). The only characters I didn't think were used well were the Romulan villans. Their backstory was hurried through. What did they do for 25 years? Time travel, Star Trek style is ALWAYS confusing.

All the action scenes were awesome, really made you gasp and use the end of your seat waiting to find out what happened. The best space battle scenes since Star Wars. Great fighting. Sulu with an extendable fencing rapier was clever. A really good summer action movie, this could be another Star Trek franchise. It technically takes place in another reality, so anything's possible. I recommend it, even if you haven't seen the other flicks.

I have sudden urge for White Castle.

Come vith me if you vant to live.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Odds 'N Ends, Mofo!

So, I decided just to post some shit I've been thinking about, or doing, whatevah...

  • Been listening to Green Day's new album, 21st Century Breakdown. I'm not digging it as much as American Idiot (one of my all-time favorites) but I'm only half-way through. Little too soft in some spots, but a little more hard-rockin' by the "Second Act."

  • Reading Guillermo Del Toro's new hardcover trilogy The Strain. It's about a vampire attack in the NYC. Really good read, keeps you going. These vampire's don't sparkle...

  • David Carradine, Kwai-Chang Caine, died this week. Apparently it's from auto-erotic asphyxiation. As they said about Mulder on the X-Files, that ain't a dignified way to go out--especially at 72. During college, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues was my favorite show. Loved it. He'll be missed.

  • This was posted on Flickr a while back, I just happened to find it. Arnold Rimmer (from the great British show Red Dwarf, was a hammond organ music fan. Somebody apparently found an album at a flea market or something.

  • I'm really enjoying Buffy Season 8. It's not a TV show anymore, but a comic book. Since I don't really read comics anymore, I have to wait for the graphic novels. They rock. Recently had a conversation at work with my fellow geeks, and we all agree that Spike is a bad-ass.

  • I'm also looking forward to the new Umbrella Academy TPB. It's called Dallas, written by the guy who sings for My Chemical Romance. Cool cover. By the way, the little boy holding the rifle isn't a little boy, he's a time-traveling 60-something year old trapped in that body.

  • Finally, when I was back up at school for some classes, I found a brochure for a frat event that had a cartoon Sgt. Slaughter!! I also answered a trivia question about Bell Biv Devoe. Beat that!

  • I also have finally decided to see the new Star Trek, so I'll have something on that soon...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

You Shall Fail...

Holy Crap!! This is awesome....

Star Wars: The Old Republic video game!!