Sunday, May 10, 2009


Now, I'm a huge X-Men fan. Have been ever since I read comics when I was a kid. My friend and I would have discussions on who would play Wolverine in the inevitable X-Men movie. Hugh Jackman probably didn't make it to that list.
The first X-Men movie was great. Hugh Jackman took that role and did it perfectly, made it his. The second movie, X2 was damn near perfect. The third one was okay, not as good as the previous two but still watchable. Whew--lot of sequels this summer!
Everybody I've talked to about this flick have all had different opinions. One hard-core fan hated every aspect of it because it didn't go with the comic Wolverine's origins. To me, something like that is fine. It still captured the essence of the character without making him a ridiculous farce.
The majority of the Wolverine movie takes place in the months leading up to Wednesday, March 28, 1979. I know this is the date of the last 20 or so minutes of the movie because it's the mutants who are responsible for the "Incident at Three Mile Island (thanks, Wikipedia)." Damn muties. There's a lot to this movie. Wade Wilson (Deadpool) makes an appearance early in the movie, played by Ryan Reynolds. His remarks about bring a sword into combat mirrors his remarks in Blade Trinity almost exactly. His further appearance at the end was stupid and took away all you initially loved about the character. But, you know, I'm going to devote another blog post to him at another date.
Moving on. This is a good action movie, but the plot moves around awfully quickly in the beginning. At one point, it reminded me of a nameless Steven Seagal action movie. The kid playing Jimmy at the beginning of the flick (which was fairly accurate to the Origins comic) was kinda cheesey. He reminded of that Todd kid in Supernatural. The guy playing Victor/Sabretooth was good--slowly becoming more feral as the years go by. It makes his appearance (albeit by a different actor with a lot more makeup) in the first X-Men make more sense, as well as his connection with Wolverine. The guy playing Gambit was okay, but the card tricks were a little over the top. Why fight one dude when he's fighting the other dude you hate in a life or death duel--and he's winning! Stryker actually choreographing what the Adamantium bullet will do to Wolverine--give him memory loss--was really pointless. There were some Heroes overtones. Stryker even tells Victor to "bag him and tag him." That scene also reminded me of "one of them, one of us" mentality of the Company. Patrick Stewart making a cameo at the end was pretty good, but his face was so CGI'd to remove his wrinkles, it looked awful.
All in all, I liked Wolverine. Yeah, it had it's faults, but had good action scenes and showed what Wolverine used to be in the context of the X-Men movies. The scenes with his fellow Weapon X mutants were pretty cool, and showed an almost special forces aspect to them. Also, I'm such a fan that I would have probably liked it anyways. I heard they already approved a sequel--the Wolverine Samurai years, and Deadpool will probably have a movie too.


  1. I can't wait to go see this! Just waiting for the crowds to thin.

  2. Thanks for the Happy Mothers Day wish! I can't wait to see it - and have herd from a number of people how creepy Patrick Stewart looks!