Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'll Be Back!

Well, saw Terminator Salvation and thought it was awesome!! One of the best action films this pre-Summer salvo of movies. Director McG did a damn good job stepping into James Cameron's shoes, and pulled off a good flick. This movie takes place in 2018, a full 11 years before the future events in the first two flicks. That's fodder for more movies...

Many homages to the first three Terminator movies. John Conner (played by a non-yelling-at-a-lighting-director Christian Bale) has the polaroid picture of his mom and her tapes (the picture had Linda Hamilton, but it wasn't her voice). There was Kate Conner, played by Ron Howard's daughter--very pregnant in the movie. Not something you though of--that John had a family. She only recently appeared in the lesser third movie. When I re-watched Terminator 2 the other day, there was a red-head in the mall that pointed out John to the T-1000. Could that have been young Kate? On a cool note, the red-head girl was played by Nikki Cox, from Las Vegas, before she became legal and hot (later marrying Jay Mohr). In order to lure a terminator motorcycle, John played Guns N Roses "You Could Be Mine." He and his be-mulleted friend played this same song while dirtbiking through LA Flood Tunnels in the second flick. Also, the scar Old John Conner had in the beginning of T2 was identical to the one he received towards the end of this flick. Everything Reese explained in the first movie to Sarah was pretty much in this movie--well done.

It would have been cool to see a "Big Jeff" statue floating around. Here's a link. Just a stupid fanboy thing...

A young Kyle Reese also made appeared in the flick--not played by Michael Biehn, but by the russian guy from the new Star Trek. Why did Skynet want him dead so soon? He's on a most-wanted list (Reese is #1, Conner #2). There's no way it would have known he was the father of John Connor--it doesn't know that info. Time-travel's not possible quite yet in that future. John's a legitimate military target--he's on the radio, a soldier in the resistance, a prophesied messiah, but Kyle Reese is like 18 and on his own in the ruins of Los Angeles. Conner's not even the main leader yet. I can see him becoming the battle-weary supersoldier he's destined to become--he's got time and a good fighter with Conner. Another main character is Marcus Wright, a death-row inmate from the early 2000's who suddenly wakes up in an apocalyptic future. He does a damn good job, but two problems: 1, his australian accent keeps popping up, and 2. you knew everything about him (that he's a machine) from the trailers. Not a big surprise. Moon Bloodgood plays a really hot pilot that hooks up with Marcus. I think she's wearing war paint at one point in the flick.

Oh, and COMPUTER-GENERATED ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER!!!! It's not the current Governator, but his young, body-building killing machine from the classic Terminator. Probably the best computer-generated face and body I've seen. The Rock from the Mummy Returns was pretty awful, this was awesome and you really believed it was young Arnold. A great job on that, a real highlight.

All in all, a great action movie that I enjoyed the crap out of. Oh, and I haven't posted my Lost info from the season finale--that's coming soon!!


  1. be-mulleted friend

    I love it!

    You should be a movie reviewer.

  2. Great review, Mike. But. Anton Yelchin is so not going to grow up to be Michael Biehn. I mean, if that's Kyle Reese & I'm Sarah Connor, John is not happening. By the way, Mike, that was Linda Hamilton's voice or I owe you a latte. Your criticism of Sam Worthington's Australian accent slipping through: in my considered opinion, it was the sexiest part of the whole movie. Also, I think Moon Bloodgood's "war paint" was supposed to be camouflage. [This is going to hurt, guys, but my sources tell me that MB's topless scene was excised from the film, presumably to make the PG-13 rating.] Did you notice that, in a landscape devoid of the basic necessities, dental care appeared to be state of the art? Even more remarkable, open heart surgery could be performed on a field cot in a nuclear fall-out zone. Since "T-3" was, as Christian put it, "thrown under the bus," do you think that Jane Alexander will turn out to be Sarah? Thanks, Mike, this was fun.

  3. "'War Paint' was camouflage"? I thought Moon's character, Blair, was a fighter pilot wearing a breathing mask? Why would a pilot ... wearing a large mask ... need facial camouflage colored red?

    I think the war paint was a poor attempt to make her more exotic looking ... playing up her loose resemblance to some stereotypical Native American ideal, which like the movie, fell painfully short.

    Sorry for the late response ... I'm still getting over my disappointment to this fiasco of a movie.