Thursday, April 30, 2009

(3)5 Years Gone

Hello! I'm back! Sorry, had skool stuff to take care of....

So, Lost had it's 100th Episode!! This picture is from Hurley's blog (okay, Jorge Garcia actually: It's from the great show Ace of Cakes--one of the few reality shows I watch.
It wasn't as stellar as the episodes before it, but it was still really good.
  • Daniel Faraday is revealed as Charles Widmore's son!! That makes him Penny's half-sister and Desmond's brotha-in-law! There's a lot of half-siblings out there in Lost! Jack and Claire, specifically. Unfortunately, Daniel was killed (by his own frickin' mother) before anybody but his parents learned of this. Also, Jack was already back on the mainland and Claire somewhere on the island when he learned of their heritage as well.
  • Where is the information Daniel puts in his journal coming from? Did his exposure to radiation cause his advanced memory loss?
  • Where was he for 3 years in Michigan in the '70's? Why didn't his memory loss continue? What was he doing? Working for Dharma?
  • Why was he so sad when the found the fake wreckage of Oceanic 815? And we now know that Widmore is responsible for that...
  • So, Daniel's plan is to blow up the future Swan station with Jughead, the nuclear bomb from the 50's? And that was his younger mother in the past? No wonder she looked familiar.
  • Dan's mom is one cold bitch. She knew he was going to die by her hands in the '70's, so she sent him back anyways? She stopped his piano playing and was awful to his girl (who he would later put in a time-travel-induced coma anyways). Why can't she see what's going to happen anymore? How did she know what would happen? Like with Desmond or maybe even the monk from the abbey?
  • Daniel's always been a bit "twitchy (to quote a nickname-making Sawyer)" and was kinda annoying to me--Jeff Goldblum wants his stuttering intellectual back. Your destiny is crap.

By the way, stay tuned for a Lost project I'm probably going to do this summer: I saw a Flickr page where this one fan posts her own pictures of the recent Lost episodes. They're just one picture, but they encapsulate what the episode is all about. I think it's a neat idea and may try it out...


Now Heroes had its season finale. It was good and had a lot of surprise moments! They keep on firing key people, like Greg Beeman and expect the show to carry on like nothing's happened! Well, what I wanted to say was that the next season (and even the last couple of episodes) are like "Five Years Gone," the apocalyptic future episode from the awesome first season!


  • Not as all-powerful as he was in the original episode
  • Distrusts his brother
  • Was labeled a terrorist because of his powers
  • Didn't hook up with Nikki, but her cloned sister Tracy (although temporarily and not like they were in "5 Year Gone")
  • No scar, but another future version of him did


  • Sylar killed him in the future, and did so at the end of this episode
  • Took his place through shape-shifting ability
  • Although, in this case, Sylar doesn't know he's Sylar, he thinks he's Nathan
  • Future Sylar did say that Nathan already started to hurt his own kind before he killed him--which is true in this case
  • You can't trust him


  • Sylar did take her power and is now invulnerable/possibly immortal
  • Just wanted to live a normal life but couldn't
  • Brunette in yet another possible future, and pretty hard-core (what with the leather and no feeling pain)


  • Became President in "5 Years" by impersonating Nathan Petrelli
  • Killed Nathan but didn't take his power--can still use telekenesis to "fly"
  • Almost became President by shaking the hands of Michael "Mr. Worf" Dorn
  • Shape-shifter
  • Invulnerable/possibly immortal from Claire
  • Fought Peter in a big battle
  • Thought he was Peter and Nathan's brother
  • I doubt he'll be Gabriel again (like another possible future) with a baby son (who's the mom though?)


  • Again, labeled a terrorist
  • Causes him physical pain when he uses his powers--not as all-powerful like in "5 Years"
  • Lost without Ando--although this time it's because Ando has powers and Hiro doesn't

Matt Parkman

  • Has a son Matt Parkman Jr, like the picture in the future stated
  • Possibly estranged from wife


  • Kicked out of house by his wife
  • Still helping fugitive heroes


  • Asked by powerful people to committ genocide against the heroes
  • Still sides with the heroes
  • Now has stable powers of his own

Thanks for reading, see ya soon!!

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  1. OK, I am officially the only person in America who hasn't seen these shows! Good writing anyhow, Mikey :)