Monday, March 9, 2009

Who Watches The Watchmen?

from Jim Lee's Blog


So, I saw Watchmen the other night. A LOT to digest. If comic fans are expecting to be blown away by the movie, they won't. Nothing can live up to their expectations. Hell, several people in the theater I was in left early. However, after digesting said flick, I kinda liked it.

Yeah, it was pretty good. It didn't "grab" you like a Dark Knight or 300. It starts off with an extended Comedian fight scene that wasn't in the graphic novel. Snyder was damn faithful to the book, with a few exceptions, but even that was okay with me. A lot of little things were left out like secondary storylines. But that's fine too--they could really only work in the comics anyhow. The beginning also had this cool montage of how the world would have been different if there were superheroes in it. I really liked Comedian being the "Lone Gunman" on the Grassy Knoll.
Billy Crudup as Dr. Manhattan was damn creepy, with his computer-generated junk hanging down, but at least that was kept to a minimum. I think he was in Sleepers. Malin Ackerman was gorgeous as the second Silk Spectre and certainly not as ugly or idiotic as her comic counterpart. The father from Supernatural was the Comedian. It wasn't a career-changing part, but he was good. There were also actors in ridiculously heavy prosthetics playing famous '70's and '80's characters--like Richard Nixon (but we couldn't keep our eyes off his ridiculous nose). And what kind of crazy accent did Ozymandias have?

The fight scenes can be damn brutal (especially Comedian vs Silk Spectre I) but well choreographed. Cinematography was incredible, really excellent. Snyder put in his political commentary as usual (including a shot of the World Trade Center that never got knocked down, even after Armageddon).

So, Watchmen wasn't the greatest movie I've ever seen, but it wasn't the worst. It takes a while for everything to catch up. I liked it, it was pretty good....


  1. Mr RK wants to see this, but thinks it might be too violent for my taste. What do you think?

  2. It's certainly a violent flick, especially some of the fight scenes. But I think the storyline outweighs that...

    Also, forgot to mention song cameos by Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix!

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  4. Look that, Mike!