Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Lost Theories

I'll start off by saying thank you to everybody who visited this site and wished me a Happy Birthday!! Thanks!!! By the way, Riot Kitty sent me a birthday card that started off as "Happy Birthday Grampa" with a little puppy on the cover.... wise-ass, but you gotta love that. :)

So, onto Lost.

  • On the podcast, Darlton mentioned the name of the season finale in May is "The Incident." This "Incident" has been referred to many times in the Dharma orientation videos and by the Dharma Initiative people we've met.
  • The Others knew the Ajira flight was coming down on the other island. Notice the runway they landed on? It's probably the same place Kate and Sawyer "helped" to clear off when they were captured by the Others.
  • Is Daniel a time traveler? He's missing from our core group (Sawyer, Juliet, etc). He knows a lot about the DI from his notebook and cried when the faked footage of Oceanic 815 was on the TV. He also seems more put together this season than last season. Did he experiment time-travel on himself? Maybe he too was born on the island, since his mother knows about the island and is some kind of course-correcting "time cop."
  • Juliet. It was mentioned in one of her episodes that Ben's into her because she "looks like her." This could refer to Annie, his childhood friend, or maybe young Ben developed a crush on the DI's resident baby deliverer/mechanic? Ben wants Juliet to be his (he even told her this after he showed her Goodwin's body) because he met Juliet in the past. She reminds him of...her.
  • Sayid probably thinks it's his mission to kill creepy young Ben in the past.
  • Creepy Young Ben: Is he working with the Others yet?
  • Jack, now a Work-man with the Dharma Initiative--which is probably Sawyer's doing b/c he doesn't like Jack, despite the man going through years of training to be a freakin' spinal surgeon. Will he be working with Roger "Work-man" Linus, Ben's father?
  • What time period is Sun and Frank in? New Otherton looks like it was in a warzone--is this after the mercenaries blew it up? There were still DI paraphenelia everywhere and DI pictures on the rec room wall--they weren't there before.
  • Where's Claire? Is she dead--has she been dead since the merc attack on New Otherton. She left her baby and went off with her dead estranged father. Will her and Jack meet up, and he'll tell her they're siblings--and that her mom's alive?
  • Where's Aaron? In a Claire episode, the fake/real psychic said Aaron couldn't be raised by anybody but her, but there's Kate raising him as her own. Is he with Claire's mom?
  • What did Sawyer ask Kate to do before he jumped off the helicopter last season? Was it to look after his daughter and ex-girlfriend(whom Kate coincidentally met while on the run)?
  • Is Ben and Locke related? Both their mothers were named Emily and were born prematurely, both had really bad relationships with their fathers and had hands in killing them. Both were in wheelchairs with spinal injuries and have special relationship with the island.
  • Geronimo Jackson now has a song on Itunes, and can be heard when Jin drives his new Dharma hippy van to the lake and when the Oceanic 3 pose for DI pictures.
  • Finally, what's the deal with Widmore? Who's the real bad guy?

Wow, that's a lot....I'll probably think of a lot more after I post this...


  1. I think I am the only person in America who has not seen this show. I suppose that is the result of not watching any TV.

    Wise ass, hmm?

  2. Happy Belated B-day, Mike...or is it Grandpa?

    Anyway, hope it was fun. (I'm a friend of RK.)

  3. Hiya Mike....swing by from RK's blog and wanna wish you a Happy Belated Birthday :D

    RK - I think I am also the only person in Singapore who hasn't seen this show too hehehehe... HIGH FIVE!!!! :D