Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lost and Heroes

So, two of my favorite shows are Lost and Heroes. Great shows, great concepts, awesome acting and plotlines. I have some theories behind the most recent plotlines and thought I'd share them....
By the way, the above graphic is mine, created by yours truly? Like it?


  • The storyline is moving towards the "5 Years Gone" future from the first season.
  • HRG was kicked out of the house, as mentioned in the diner to Future Claire
  • Nathan has done harm to his own people, per Sylar.
  • Is Luke Sylar's brother? Will Sylar gain Luke's powers due to his new empathy powers (not having to kill his victims to gain their powers, like he did with Elle)?
  • If Peter meets both Sylar and Ando, will he gain his own powers back?
  • Is the future Hiro saw with Ando killing him still take place? Pinehurst no longer exists. Will Ando use his super charging powers as an offensive weapon?


  • I think that was Hurley saying the numbers the French team heard from the radio. Hurley becomes the inspiration for his own numbers. It was Hurley that Leonard heard while in the Navy--and because of this, he goes insane. Yeah!
  • Adam and Eve from the caves (the first season) are either Jack and Kate or Sawyer and Kate.
  • The group has gone to the beginning of the Dharma Initiative. Their destiny is to stop the Others (and Ben) from massacring the Dharma Initiative.
  • What role does Libby play? Why was she in the asylum with Hurley?
  • Who the hell is Geronimo Jackson?
  • Is choosing the leader for the Others like choosing a Dali Llama? Watch the ceremony Richard performs with a young Locke. It's the same thing for choosing the next incarnation of the Dali Lama.
  • 2 "Others" questions: is Richard immortal, maybe from the Black Rock slave ship? Where's young Ben's girlfriend? What role does she play?
  • Holy shit, Ben killed Locke!!!

More later! Bye!

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  1. That is a very cool graphic - remind me to hire you when I want to design my next tattoo :)