Monday, March 16, 2009

All Bloody Hail

Hey Guys--
That pic above isn't me, it's Brian Lynch, the writer of this fine piece of graphic novel literature! I picked this up a few days ago. Spike After The Fall tells the story of what happened to Spike before Angel After the Fall. It takes place after the last episode of the Angel TV series. Essentially, evil law firm Wolfram and Hart sends Los Angeles to Hell. Demon lords rule L.A. (or Hell-LA in this case). It's written by Lynch and awesomely illustrated by Franco Urru. A new big bad is introduced (and later killed. Spoiler, sorry.). A little more of new cool vampire Gunn's plans are revealed, and how Spike hooked up with Spider and Conner. It tells the story of how Spike and Illyria become Lords of Beverly Hills (in the Playboy mansion, after dispensing with a vampire Hugh Hefner) with Spike's killer harem. Great storyline and cool art. You can actually hear Spike when Lynch is writing him, with as many pop culture references as possible. Hilarious dream sequence, too. I also love the piece at the end when Lynch explains a couple of references found in the book (I think he does this in every book he does).
This isn't the only Spike-related graphic novel Lynch and Urru worked on. There's also Spike: Shadow Puppets. Yeah, that's right---starring Puppet Spike:
Oh, and remember Ookla the Mok?

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